Ways to spruce up your living room

Has your living room become the most boring place on earth? Here’s how you can spruce it up. Read on!

Is your living room not inviting enough? Has it lost its sheen and become a dull and boring place? Has it become the messiest place on earth? Here’s how you can spruce up your living room. Read on!

Ethnic touch:
Give your living room a bit of ethnic touch by laying out a thin mattress and rugs on the floor. It’ll offer an informal sitting arrangement that can be instantly turned intimate by lighting a couple of candles around the mattress. You can also go for ethnic sofa covers and cushions, if you’re fussy about having a formal arrangement.

Bright curtains:
The whole ‘matching your curtains with the furniture’ logic is passé. Now is the time to go for bright and peppy curtains that can clash with one or all of your furniture. Give your living room a welcoming and warm feeling by investing in orange, yellow, purple and neon green curtains!

Glass furniture:
Even if you have picked them up at a flea sale, glass furniture look classy and extravagant. Go for a glass centre table or even side tables that will look uber elegant in your living room. This also solves the confusion of which color curtains to pick as glass goes with every color.

Potted plant:
Get a tiny potted plant that can sit atop a table or a side table. It will give the room a nice, fresh and breezy vibe. Make sure to water it every day and keep trimming the excess as and when you can. Plans will also keep the air clean and fresh.

One of the easiest ways to make everything look classy is to put your silverware on display. It adds a touch of royalty to the whole room. You can display cutlery, statues or even heirloom plates on your mantelpiece to create a sense of drama in the living room. But you have to keep cleaning the silver every fortnight and go for regular polishing as silver reacts with air and darkens very quickly.

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