Truth Behind The Rumors Of Kanye West And Kim Kardashian D-Day

Let us take a sneak peek into the reality behind the rumors allied to the Kim Kardashian-Kayne West wedding. Read into the juicy bits and sit back to enjoy their D-day mongerings!

Hollywood is set to see ringing wedding bells for a couple best known to the world for their OTT moments.

Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West—belong to Hollywood in a way that is so subtle some might even miss it. The singer and the reality show star and fashionista—are perpetually in news for their sex tapes, bodies and intimate moments. However, for the past few weeks, the one thing that we have been hearing about them is their upcoming wedding. Yes, the couple, parents to an 11 month old toddler North, already, has decided to officially unite.

Kim had been going around in the Parisian fashion districts and this makes us wonder if French couture could be her wedding trousseau. Now the shocker is that our spies brought news that the couple has already tied the knot secretly and the public wedding is just another of their attention seeking chapters. We dug a bit deep and then found out that the official line did not have any confirmation to the same. In addition, Kim’s manager firmly denied such conjectures saying that the couple needs good wishes at the moment instead of rumor mills trying to spoil their wedding plans!

The couple recently etched a fashion statement with their appearance in the Met Gala Ball in new York.

While there have been talks of the wedding occurring in Paris, we are not sure of the complete guest list or even who will be in charge of the event on a whole. What we wonder is whether they will put up their first night tape for the public! After all, they have never really known limits when it comes to bringing out their personal stuff to their fans.

Chateau Louis XIV- That is the venue the couple has fixed upon for their aisle waling day on the 24th of May.

More so, the latest buzz on the Kardashian-West relationship comes with Kim’s demand of another baby immediately after their wedding. With that figure if hers that inspires many fantasies in men, she sure keeps finding means to amaze moms as well!

Latest reports are focused on what the couple, especially Kim will flaunt at the wedding and of the narrowing down on the gown choices. Also, the guest list is being prepped up and one name that is confirmed as being there is that of Justin Beiber!

With Kim looking a million bucks at the Met Ball, we sure hope that her glow is here to stay.

For Kim soon to be Mrs. West, we have oodles of great wishes!

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