Top Model’s Breast-Feeding Picture: A New Trend?

This is a talk about Russian Model, Natalia Vodianova’s picture of her breast-feeding her baby. As much as an art form, it also helps to propagate the idea of breast-feeding in today’s times of Formula food!

Breast-feeding is back in action!

Isn’t this good news?

For those of you who think that breast-feeding is normal and routine, let us tell you that the reality is quite different. There are trends that show women are increasingly relying more on formula food for infants rather than breast-feed. The reason is all cosmetic than scientific!

It is a different matter if mother is under-nourished which is common in a country where major chunk of population lies under poverty line. But in many developed nations, well-fed mothers from well-to-do families are more interested in maintaining their figure and taking care of their body post-pregnancy than to worry about child’s nutritional requirements.

During times such as these, a Hollywood based top Russian model, Natalia Vodianova, has come forward to get her clicked while breast-feeding her one-month old son and share it with the world!

She felt that such a picture could not only be an art form but also can be used to propagate the idea of breast-feeding amongst women all across the globe.  Let us tell you that such pictures aren’t rare but are seldom shared with the world for obvious taboos associated with it. Either out of shame or privacy concerns, such pictures remains confined in the private collections of owners.

With this bold step, Natalia has suddenly made this topic super hot and will lead to various discussions and debates.

As per the medical community, mother’s milk is best for the child’s over-all development throughout his/her life. It should be a must during first 6 months of the child’s life.

So, this is all for a good cause.

Coming to the art aspect of such a picture, yes, it has a beauty that words can’t describe.

There is an appeal which will find many takers across the world, not for its nudity or sexuality but for the purity of basic human bonding in its most natural form. And to capture it, Natalia took help from a leading photographer, Paolo Roversi. He has done a great job to bring to the fore the inherent love between mother and child! It is a different matter that Natalia’s gorgeous looks add on to the overall appeal of the picture.

It is not yet confirmed if more celebrities will be following the path or not.

However, we think the more celebrities come forward for this noble cause, better it will be for creating awareness. Such gorgeous divas are followed by millions of aspiring girls and women all across the world. This one bold step has the potential to bring at least a little bit of positive change in the thought process and that’s what is required.

Hats off to Natalia for doing something for the greater good of humanity than just promoting skin-deep glamour!


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