It Looks Like Gigi Hadid Has A Doppelganger – Is She Gigi’s Lost Twin? You Decide!

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid – No doubt, Gigi Hadid is beautiful.

But hey, the internet wants to know, that is Bella Hadid, Gigi’s only sister? The entire knows who Bella Hadid is. But recently, the internet world wants to know whether the Gigi Hadid has a twin sister or not.

Are you confused? Alright, let me clear it out – Recently, on Instagram, people found Gigi Hadid’s twin i.e. Doppelganger. Trust me; right from their nose to pout to their beauty- everything seems so similar and people are really surprised.

Gigi Hadid’s lookalike, Iza IJzerman, is a Dutch Model, and a blogger. Plus, she is famous on Instagram, and people who are following her think that she’s Gigi’s lookalike.

Here take a look at this picture.

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid

Surprised? They look like twin sister, right?

They both look so similar that people are questioning Gigi’s mother “Yolanda Hadid”, whether Gigi and Iza are twins separated at birth? You know what’s more surprising? They both are 22 Years Old – Yes, I’m not kidding, at all.

No idea about Gigi Hadid, but Iza knows that she kinda looks like the Hadid sisters. Hadid sisters? Oh yes, according to Iza, she thinks that she looks more like Bella Hadid. Undoubtedly, you’ll agree to her, take a look at this picture.

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid

Iza is known to be “The New Curvy Gigi Hadid” and she agrees to it.

Here are some pictures from Iza’s Instagram account – You can follow her here.

Isn’t she pretty?

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid

Undoubtedly, she is as sexy as Gigi Hadid.

Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid


Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid

Simplicity at its best!

(Source: Daily Mail and Instagram)

This was all about the Doppelganger Of Gigi Hadid. 

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