These Easy Steps Will Solve Your Most Difficult Laptop Problems!

We all face some issues with the hardware or software of this indispensable gadget. Hence, we bring for our readers some simple solutions to problems we all face while using these gizmos.

Laptops play an influential role in our lives.

From professionals to housewives, and from school students to college-goers, a personal laptop has become an important part & parcel of our routine.

A day without this gadget seems simply impossible and a damaged or slow laptop can make one’s schedule go topsy-turvy!

Frequent and excessive use of this widget leads to normal wear & tear and damage is unavoidable.

Users may face common hardware and software problems in a laptop. Though for some intricate hitches professional help is inevitable, but solving some small issues is easy!

We bring for our readers some common laptop problems and their solutions:

1). Damaged Hardware: 

Solution: The important components of a Laptop are – LCD Display, Random Access Memory (RAM), Battery, Keyboard, and Hard Drive. Apart from the LCD Display, one can effortlessly replace all the above components, as these are easily available in the market. 

2). Problem: Frazzled Charger Cord: 

Solution: A damaged charger cord not only damages the system’s battery, but is vulnerable to catching fire too. Hence, replacing or fixing it is imperative. For minute erosion, one may use a tape, or a silicone sealant, otherwise buying a new one is a must. 

3). Problem: Laptop Slow and Frozen Screen:

Solution: The first solution is to restart the laptop. This usually helps in most cases.

A laptop infected with virus generally becomes slow and often freezes. Running a security software update may help to detect malware and virus. Conducting a System Repair, System Restore, and installing a window update may also resolve the issue. It is significant to take regular backups, to avoid losing data, in such cases.

The other reasons for this problem include, a recently installed a device or a software program, running two versions of the same program, using two antivirus programs on the laptop, and more. Uninstalling these programs will definitely help.

4). Laptop Does Not Start:

Solution: If the laptop does not start at all, the user must first check if the battery is ok.

Try switching on the laptop by plugging it into the mains power. If the laptop starts, then it needs a battery change.  

Another solution to this predicament is to start the laptop in safe mode. By continuously pressing F8 function key, one can reach the on-screen menu and start the laptop in safe mode. Once the laptop is switched on, the user may make further investigations. 

5). Laptop Dropped: 

Solution: The laptop screen may breakor the case may get damaged if it is dropped. Most of the contemporary laptops have the parts integrated on the motherboard. Repairing the motherboard at times is cumbersome. Hence, replacement is a better option than repair.

One needs to handle today’s sleek and lightweight laptops, with great care. Though, one may use ‘Do It Yourself’ techniques at home, to resolve small hitches, such as the ones mentioned above, but for major issues professional help is a must.

We hope these simple tips would make the computing experience of our readers a hassle free one!

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