Eva Mendes Goes Pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s Baby! Why Not a Good News?

Eva Mendes pregnancy with her boyfriend, Ryan Gosling should be good news but all those fans of Ryan and his ex-girlfriend Rachel McAdams are heart-broken since they wanted to see these two together.

Eva Mendes is pregnant!

Isn’t this good news? It SHOULD BE considering she is pregnant with her boyfriend Ryan Gosling’s baby. Both have been dating each other for past three years and this new development only goes on to say that their relationship is getting stronger by the day!

However, social media and specifically Ryan’s fans haven’t taken this news kindly. Ryan Gosling, the star of one of the best romantic movies ever made in Hollywood, The Notebook, was in a relationship with the film’s actress, Rachel McAdams but they called it after dating for only two years in off in 2007.

Now, all those romantic souls, those die-hard fans of this couple, who cried their hearts out with the movie, for them both Ryan and Rachel are the epitome of love Gods! Just like in the movie, the way they created a romantic union which touched the raw chords of every heart across the world, so was their relationship  off-screen.

Despite them breaking off nearly seven years ago, somewhere in the heart, their fans still long for them to kiss and make-up! Just one more of that sexy sensuous rain kiss for their fans, just one more! Ahhh..wishes!

That is precisely why this beautiful news of the gorgeous diva, the leading lady of terrific rom-com Hitch, Eva Mendes’ being pregnant with Ryan hasn’t spread happiness around. No doubt Eva has her own share of millions of fans and followers who want to see her become a mom and showcase her motherly side after wooing the world with her terrific sex-appeal. But on social media, there are more brickbats for the couple than bouquets of love! People have been posting hate messages about how they want to see Ryan and Rachel back together instead of seeing Ryan with Eva! So cruel these fans can be sometimes, isn’t it?


For now, both Eva and Ryan have maintained a silence and haven’t issued a public statement. But the fact that Eva is seven months pregnant has fuelled the rumor mill that marriage may also be on the cards and that too real soon! The reason being Eva’s conservative mindset and Ryan’s belief that whenever he becomes a father, he will be a hands-on dad and will be there for his child, in every possible manner! For starters, making their relationship legal by marrying is a good move, what say?

Let us hope that Ryan doesn’t chicken out of this relationship and stays committed to Eva and on her part, she proves to be as good a mom as she has been a professional.

Even if some people aren’t so happy about this new beginning in their life, definitely there will be more who would be sending their good wishes and praying for their happy life!

Awaiting good news from them, eagerly!

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