Famous Mansions Of American Celebrities That Carry Price Tags Worth Multi Millions!

America’s most expensive homes – This story is about huge mansions celebs have bought for themselves which they modestly call as their home! These huge properties seem to have everything that money can buy!

A very old saying goes as, ‘A home is where the Heart is’.

For some it is a small hut, for a few decent apartments and then for some others, it has to be a huge sprawling mansion which is only made of and in dreams!

Dreams do come true and is proved by the huge properties owned by some of the richest celebrities in the world.

For the moment, we focus on famous celebs from America who have fulfilled their dreams of living in mansions that for some may mean an entire city in itself!

Here are the top ten luxurious dwellings of American celebs, America’s most expensive homes in rising order, which can make everyone extremely jealous!

10) Ozzy Osbourne in California ($10 million)

The ‘Godfather of Heavy Metal’ has ruled the world of metal for over 40years now and is still going strong. It sure has given him enough riches to live a luxurious life in his $10 mil mansion with his wife Sharon, kids and grandkids! We can’t say if this huge house with six bedrooms and ten bathrooms is enough for the family, but it surely deserves the place in this list!



9) Will Smith, California ($20 million)

This multi-faceted singer, actor is a self-made man and with his sheer hard work has been able to earn his riches. The proof is his ownership of such a huge real estate that it got its own zip code. Talking about luxuries, it has a basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, golf court and so many other things that one can easily forget the comforts available to be enjoyed!



8) Arnold Schwarzenegger, California ($23.5 million)

The Terminator star who also worked as California’s governor is considered to be the owner of one of the most expensive homes, not only in America, but in the entire world! Just like his huge bulging biceps, his home also signifies everything that is considered huge and enormous!



7) Christie Brinkley, New York ($30 million)

An American actress and model with a personal worth of approximately $80 million owes it to her to spend life in fabulous-luxury! After all spending four decades as a top model and actress does give one a right to live in a marvelous mansion with eleven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Life is lived only once, right?



6) Jerry Seinfeld, New York ($32 million)

The funny man with one of the longest running comedy shows all over the world has also been a baseball lover. To be close to his love, he bought a sprawling piece of property which not only boasts of a grand mansion, but also a personal baseball field! Well, he earned it so bought it! Fair enough!



5) Billy Joel, Florida ($35 million)

The American pianist, singer, songwriter and composer who started his career with the first hit song titled as, ‘Piano Song’ has earned enough to own a property which can have a factory of pianos! Jokes apart, his sprawling almost three million square foot huge house has its own boat slip, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, patio and what not! He earned enough respect and loads of cash during his long forty year career and seems to have made a very intelligent investment!



4) Hugh Hefner, California ($54 million)

The founder of world’s largest selling porn or exotic magazine, Playboy, literally lives life, king size! His Playboy mansion is famous for not only wild crazy erotic parties, but also for its sheer size. It is a like a mini-city with its own zoo, waterfalls, aviary apart from the usual swimming pools, tennis court, golf courts etc.! No doubt it is a magnet for beautiful and sexy women from all over the world.



3) Oprah Winfrey, California ($85 million)

The most successful talk-show host ever who connected with women from all countries, religions and backgrounds, Oprah has made sure that her modest past doesn’t come in her way of fantabulous present! She has earned every penny she owns the hard way and it shows in her selection of a luxurious mansion she calls home! It consists of 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a private lake, and a cinema hall! Whoa! Did she miss something?



2) Bill Gates, Washington ($147.5 million)

Once considered the God of technology, Bill Gates, even after donating most of his wealth for philanthropy is still earning in millions every year. It must be loose change to buy a house like this which is also considered to be the world’s first smart home! With a personal library and every possible gadget to fulfill all his geeky and charitable needs, this looks like a fun place to live in!



1) Aaron Spelling, California ($150 million)

The TV producer, who is no more, had made enough money from producing super-successful TV series over a long career of almost fifty years to make for him a house which can only make people red with jealousy. A huge mansion with its own bowling alley, swimming pool, skating ring, four garages etc is still a rage among rich celebs who want to buy it!


The value of these dwellings keep changing with the change in market forces, but the people residing in them have engraved their value and power in the minds of their fans and followers with their terrific hard work! 

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