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world pandemic history

Covid 19 is in pandemic history that has shaken and challenged advanced science and technology. Though medical science has developed it has no solutions to pandemics. Centuries before was the calamity of the Black Death to Spanish flu no miracle is seen in CovSars-2 in 2019. Diseases turning to pandemics or epidemic can not destroy humanity but also challenges the advancement of science that cannot excel over nature’s verdict.

As long as the universe exists the history of pandemics and war have led to deaths that are scary to humans. The mourning of the loss still exists in the chapters remembering about the sudden and massive life loss. Each section of the world pandemic history mentions the dangerous and painful parts that have pointed to humans and destroying humanity.

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Pandemic history Black Death 1347

About 200 million people died due to the pandemic of the Black death in 1347. The sudden spread of the disease took a massive phase as a plaque that killed people. The spread of the disease was through the bacteria Yersinia Pestis which came from the fleas. The deadly disease lasted for four years and killed 200 million people which started spreading from Europe and mid-Asia.

Sailors travelling overseas were suffering from severe infectious illness and few immediately died. According to the historical records, it was the second major disaster that Europeans experienced after decades.

Controlling the historical pandemic was possible through isolation and quarantine. No medications were available leading it to kills millions of people. It was during this pandemic that no one could help each other. The human was bound to avoid another human, the destruction was so intense that the bubonic plague is known as Black Death.

The invention of quarantine was from this epidemic which had somewhere made a huge difference in reducing the death of a human. The most harmful disease that shattered mankind, no one was able to help each other accept maintaining a distance. Spreading of the plaque was possible to control after the introduction of quarantine.


New World Pandemic History Small Pox 1520

Advance medical science has made smallpox a curable disease but in 1520 it was a deadly disease. Once again humanity was challenged with the disease. The outbreak of smallpox was for two years started from the Hispaniola’s who were the indigenous habitants. The onset of the disease was severe people who survived had dark spots. About 3 people died out of 10 infected people, the widespread of the disease worsen among the African slaves.

About 2 million death took place due to smallpox. And, about 20 million were infected by the virus. Finally, it was eradicated after decades in 1980 as per the WHO’s declaration.

It was possible with the vaccination of smallpox than the disease has come to an end. But the intensity of the disease spreading was possible by isolation and keeping away from contacts. Smallpox was the first epidemic with the beginning of the new world in 1520. It started from the Spanish indigenous groups but slowly out broke worldwide in the 17th and 18th centuries. The severity of the disease ended the life of few European rulers, Japanese emperors and Chinese emperor.

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Third Plaque, 1855

China was the epicentre for the outbreak of the third Plague in 1885. It was the reoccurrence of the bubonic plague that transmitted due to fleas. It started in Yunnan city during the reign of the Qing dynasty. It led to the death of more than 12 million people, India was severely affected by the pandemic. About 10 million people in India died due to the plague. The only way was isolation, quarantine and travel restrictions enabled to drop the graph of infections.

Though the epicentre was in China the disease had an impact in India killed millions of people. After this, the outbreak was multiple after 1772 more than three times. Eradicating bubonic plaque was difficult. Ultimately in 1929, the plague was once again a huge threat to life and human beings.

After the black death in Europe, this plague is considered the deadly disease that conquered India and China. It was a great pandemic that is recorded in World pandemic history. With the outspread of the disease, it is predicted that the plaque existed for centuries. And it took centuries to eradicate the plaques.

The intensity of widespread is under control, but it is still difficult after centuries to ensure that Bubonic plague is eradicated.


1918 Spanish flu

The worst part of death in the World pandemic history is from 1918 to 1920. It has put a line, an end to an era. While one side Germany was preparing for the world war, and on another side, the widespread Spanish flu was at its peak. It was the deadliest era of the modern age when it destroyed humanity. People struggled to survive all around the world from the dominance of Hitler, preparation of World War II and the spread of the Spanish flu.

Flu seems to be a normal part of life due to the present modern development of medicines and science. But, it was before WW-II that Spanish flu occurred as a pandemic. It was an influenza pandemic, that arrived from the genes of avian, the H1NI virus which affected worldwide. The death of 50 million people worldwide was miserable due to the pandemic flu. The deadliest disease that modern history was able to fight with quarantines, isolation and maintain cleanliness with good hygiene.

The flu epidemic had worsened the position of The US with the death of 675,000 people. The intensity of the epidemic was so worst that it affected all age groups. None were spared from the communicable disease of the Spanish Flu. Immediate prevention and protection from the epidemic were difficult with the fastest spreading of the disease. It is the reason that isolation and good hygiene was only way to reduce vicinity to the disease.

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World war II 1919

While people were striving to survive from the epidemic of HINI, it was in 1919 the World war II was announced. It is the exhaustive war that brought an end to the global existence of human and their identity. Hitler, who is known as the cruellest and the top leaders invaded Poland. From this invasion, the war of superiority initiated when France and Britain together declared war against Germany. Here was the beginning of World War II. Germany was one of the strongest well-armed countries under Hitler.

WW II lasted for six years which brought no prosperity to the people. The World pandemic history mentions it as the worst time when there was dominancy over humanity killing people restlessly.

CovSar-2, 2019

One more deadliest chapter that will remain in modern history is the pandemic of CovSar-2. It was not for the first time that the viral attack has taken a life. In 2008, the spread of disease was in China. But this repetitive occurrence even after 10 to 11 years in 2019, has shattered the entire world. As history mentions earlier about the epicentres. It was the Bubonic plaque 1855 that had intensely affected India killing millions. Similarly, once again in 2019, the widespread from the epicentre in Yunnan brought a disaster to the world.

Comparing to the black death, from which the introduction of isolation and quarantine was in Covid 19. Despite experiences from the earlier deadly diseases Covid 19 has turned out to grow as a pandemic. About 2.86 million death have already taken place from 2019 due to the pandemic. Vaccines are available still, they cannot ensure prevent the reoccurrence of the disease.

How long will the wave of the coronavirus last? Will it eradicate? The end to the historical deadliest pandemic took four years without medication. There were fewer chances of recovery without treatments. But in CovSars 2 Modern science was able to give a back up to reduce the mortality rate. Medication, hospitalization and ventilation support were able to fight against the disease.

In world pandemic, history medication to the epidemics was possible after several years. Modern science and medicines, allopathy, Ayurveda and homoeopathy were striving hard to provide the best to save human life.

Despite the backups to human life, the intensity of the pandemic may last long similar to the Black Death which took lives till four years. Science still fails to provide a complete cure to the infected people few still dies. Covid -19 stands as the most destructive and powerful pandemic disease which still exists with changes in strains and symptoms. Even after immediate initiatives by the WHO, production of immunity boosters, vaccinations and prevention awareness. The disease covid 19 is spreading with peaks.

Medical science immediate responses have given great support to fight against the greatest world pandemic history. It will remain in the chapters with dedication as without immediate support, it would have been the deadliest pandemic. History would have remembered it as the second phase recreation of the Black Death, killing more than 100 million.



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