Spartans Are Gay Heroes “A Truth Or Myth” In Ancient History

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Spartans are famous soldiers of the ancient history of Greek. These 300 Spartans soldiers always fought as heroes till their end of life. The distinctive part of the heroes was their gay relationships not only within the soldiers but outside their troops.

Just because they were gay does not mean that the city of Spartan did not have women and children. This trend of gay soldiers in the military forces was implemented for a specific reason. To a far extent, it helped in the development of the military mind creating strong bonding.

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The main motive for developing gay soldiers

Gay bonds are nothing new in the Greek history of ancient times. This was the reason it was implemented in the military forces. Spartan the city located nears the Eurotas River where the life of the military soldiers was entirely different.

Not only are their appearances differentiated with metal guards and long hair as Greek warriors but their attitude to defeat and win is itself a history.  The battle of Thermopylae was one of the historical battles fought by the gay military force of Spartans and defeat their enemies. During the invasion of the Persians, the alliance of the Spartans with the Xerxes was to fight against the Persians.

The bonding of the warrior helped them to overcome the massive battle of Thermopylae. They were able to kill about 5000 to 20,000 Persian soldiers in the battle till the end of three days. Despite being gay they had proven committed to their duty and relationships.

Lifestyle of the Spartan Soldiers

A strict and disciplined lifestyle was of the Spartan soldiers. Even the children, the newborn was bound to be strong. Their merciless act was seen when a weak child had no right to survive. Boy or girl even if they did not show their strength, immediately were killed.

At an early age after separating from their parents, the boy had a hard life. They were accommodated in communal barracks, intentionally scarcity of food was imposed so that the kids learn to steal. Hunting, training of body fitness, arms, and military was from an early age.

As soon as they stepped into the ages of teens, it was time for Pederasty. It was the period when an adolescent kid had to develop relations with the men from the military. This was beginning to expose their gender power and develop a strong bonding towards the force.

The relationship of the Spartans gays was true and committed as the force had 150 pairs, and a total of 300 warriors.

They were not allowed to get married at an early age. Even the women of the Spartans were bold and strong who maintain relationships with the same gender. After the age of thirty men were allowed to marry women.

Spartans’ gay bonding has been a great example of commitment and power. Being one of the popular historical incidents, they have shown the strength of same-gender relationships. They were honest as lovers, powerful as warriors in Greek history.

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