Romans Using Urine As A Mouthwash Will Amaze You

urine mouthwash

Urine mouthwash – Romans used urine as a mouthwash, toothpaste & even as a laundry detergent.

Yes, because for them it was a valuable commodity.

It is a no-hidden fact that ancient Romans used urine to brush their teeth. And, if that wasn’t enough; they even used it as a laundry detergent to wash their clothes off until 1700’s. Well, today the thought of doing something like that will nearly kill people but the way Romans did it will always be surprising without failure.

But, have you ever thought what the main reason behind it was? Well, I’ll tell you; the reason is quite surprising but there is nothing wrong to say that the Romans did it almost like a pinch work.

Urine mouthwash –

The Main Reason:

Using Urine mouthwash – Urine contains Ammonia and it also has a cleaning substance that results into clearing out everything. Therefore, Romans were smart enough & due to urine’s beneficial quality they used it as a mouthwash to whiten their teeth. Surprising?

History behind Romans using urine

When they assumed that urine cleanses the mouth & whitens the teeth; they smartly started using it as a detergent to clean their clothes as well. Not stopping here, they even had a Laundromat called Fulloncia where they used Urine to wash off the clothes.

Jar of urine’s:

Don’t get into thinking that the Romans used their own Urine as a mouthwash because NO they didn’t. To get an amount of Urine so that it could be used in Laundromat had a simple trick used by the Romans. They used to keep JARS near the corners of the streets & a person who wants to pee used to come and pee in the kept JAR.

Well, the most expensive urine came from Portugal and was used a lot for especially whitening the teeth.

Later, the enterprising individual used to take the jars filled with urine at the Laundromat to use it is as a laundry detergent.

Are you wondering about the stinky smell? Well, they had a process to remove the smell too. All they used to do is mix some water into the urine and put in all into the tanks filled with their clothes. Later, one of the slaves was ordered to get into the tank to tread the clothes off.

Once it was done; after removing the clothes they used to rinse it off with water to remove the stinky smell of urine.

Many will obviously go like “Yew & Yuck” but for Romans it was an absolute benefit to use it for almost 3 various purposes.

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