How Women Used To Control Pregnancy In Middle Ages ?

Control Pregnancy

I don’t know about you guys, but I often think that how do the women of middle ages used to control pregnancy, given that there was no technology back then.

We have so many options these days but back then, sex was a regular thing for couples and if they didn’t have birth control pills or condoms, how did they control pregnancy?

Well, to sort out the confusion, we found out the methods that women of middle ages used to control pregnancy.

Will you try them too?

1) Sex Interrupts

Sex interrupts was a typical strategy for contraception in the middle ages. As indicated by this technique, the penis was pulled back minutes before the peak of climax to avoid pregnancy.

2) Weasel testicles

During middle ages in Europe, ladies used to either attach weasel balls to their legs or wear around their necks while having sex. Wearing weasel testicles was considered as one of the enchanted techniques for counteractive action of pregnancy.

3) Pulling out

Ladies used to drench wipes or fabric in vinegar and utilized them for scratching semen out of vagina. Despite the fact that this technique sounds real, I am cynic on the off chance that it truly worked.

4) Pennyroyal tea

In the middle ages, women used to consume Pennyroyal tea when they were expecting to discharge uterus contents and have abortion.

5) Coat-hanger strategy

Coat-hanger strategy was another useful technique for aborting the child in which ladies themselves used to embed holder in their cervix to incite an unsuccessful labor.

6) Rhythm strategy

This strategy follows a natural type of contraception and is by all accounts more coherent. As per this technique, both abstain from enjoying sex during the time of ovulation to avoid pregnancy.

7) Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding gives more than 98% insurance from pregnancy in the initial six months. Ladies in the medieval times used to breastfeed their child as much as they can to avoid pregnancy.

8) Condoms

Condoms made of animal intestines and cloth were utilized. After the sixteenth century, specialists used to prescribe condoms keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from illnesses like syphilis and gonorrhea.

9) Silphium

Silphium is an antiquated prophylactic herb that doesn’t exist any longer. It was a kind of mammoth fennel plant utilized as a prescription for anti-conception medication and different diseases in the Middle Ages.

10) Lemon juice

Ladies used to shower their vagina with lemon squeeze before having sex and after the sex as a spermicide.

These were the ways they used to control pregnancy. Though all these methods are a little dangerous and unhygienic, it was the only option women had at that time.

Would you have tried them too? Let us know….!

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