Heaven or Hell! Country Without Any National Holidays

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What do national holidays mean normally to the people? A day to spend without any work, stay at home and relax after dedicating a few minutes to the National holiday. Feels like heaven but, what about the countries like Germany and Britain? Germany has recently been rewarded with Unity day which is on 3rd October. Publics have to go to work and spend the day at home.

Comparing to other countries globally Germany has one national holiday while Britain does not have any. History already mentions the Superiority of the British ruling over the world. By 1913 British was able to occupy 23 per cent of the world population.

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No National holidays in Britain and Denmark

Rulers who have been ruling for centuries actually did not realize to have any kind of independence day. The country itself is responsible for the awarding with different parts of the world with National holidays. There are different holidays to celebrate from valentine’s day to Christmas round the year but no specific day to remember about dependency or slavery. Seems like the people have been in heaven for years.

Other countries from different parts of the world celebrate their national holidays. Somehow or another Britain has been responsible for them. To celebrate, formally they did not need any such kind of day to celebrate. No schools, offices and organization are closed on the occasion and dedication on the honour of nation in Britain. Britain celebrates the birthday of the Queen but does not have any holiday.

Denmark’s constitution day

Another country is Denmark that does not have any such day to celebrate. The country has the constitution day but no official closings are on this day. The constitution day is celebrated on 5 June which is in honour of the first as well as present that was declared in the year 1849 and 1953. They believe it as the day of democracy but without any break from work or schools.

Now, the day is treated as a normal working day but earlier from 1891 to 1975, there was half-day work for the people of Denmark. Denmark is one of the countries in Europe without any national holiday. It was hell in past is now heaven!

Unity day from 1990 in Germany

Germany was another country that did not have any such kind of day. It was in 1990 that they have Unity day. They stay at home and enjoy their day off from regular activities. The rulers who invaded or captured the regions have claimed their day of independence. But with the changes the days were shifted, such as during the Nazi power the day was May 1st from 1933 while Hitler came into rule it was on 9th November 1939.

The Unity day was declared after East Germany and West Germany was able to reunite in 1990 on 3rd October. Finally, it has one unity day but there is no off from work.

These are the three countries which have many holidays round the year but it does not have any specific National holiday. They do not have any requirement to celebrate independence day which ensures freedom as heaven!

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