Beard Tax! Yes History Mentions Men Paying For Five-O-Clock Shadow

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Men’s Modern Fashion edges around the beard. There are various experiments on beards to appear attractive and smarter. According to them, facial hairs are a sign of masculinity. But there was a time when men had to spend money as beard tax. Beards give a gesture of manliness, maybe women also like to have a look at the facial hairs. With time there has been a vast change in the fashion related to appearance and facial hairs styles. The experiments on style and fashion are easy and inexpensive. Experiencing the freedom of shaping and styling facial hairs reminds me of the history of beard taxes.

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Introduction of Beard Taxes By Henry VIII of England

Having a beard has been a status symbol. It was in 1535 that the tax system was initiated by the Henry VIII of England. Men who paid were the wealthy high-status people and were considered to be the symbol of social hierarchy. It was the beginning of the use of paying for facial hairs. For styling with men’s fashionable wears that will give them an outstanding footing.

Later, this tax was implemented by other rulers for different reasons. In the 17th century, the tax was re-imposed on his countrymen. But the intention of imposing by Peter the Great was different. His interests and thoughts were surrounded by the shipbuilding and the naval shipments. Gradually a bit of his interest diverted in a distinctive looks for men. To bring a change in the elegant looks of the Russians he introduced the trend of clean shaving. The shaving trend was started by Peter stating that if anyone needs a good job then he should have a clean face.

He brought a period of possessing a beardless face. The beard tax was for a different reason than the earlier during Henry VIII. The main reason was the unmaintained facial hairs covered the faces. It gave the looks of the criminals, dirty and untrimmed. This was why he decided to impose the tax to give clean and smart appearances. Over time the styling ways of beards deteriorated with time due to negligence in styling.

1697 And the Beard Tax during time Emperor Peter

He intended to remove the beard’s trends and develop a mindset of having a clean shaved face. Men were forced to cut off their facial hairs in 1697, it was an anti-beard revolution. Therefore in 1698, he imposed the beard tax to eliminate the conception of long face hairstyles.

Men had to pay revenue to the country government. They have to carry a beard token, that is to carry a copper or silver coin. Above all, it is also mentioned in the token that the beard is a burden. After the reduction of the trend of beard styling later in 1772, the tax was eliminated by the Russian Government.

The reasons for beard tax have been different but the intention was to improvise and modernize the looks of men.


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