Teenage Crisis Caused Due to Overuse of Social Media

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In the recent pandemic during the period of Quarantine; as the situation started improving the use of social media escalated. A teenage crisis was expected due to the overuse of the alternate way to stay connected to the outside world. There were no other options when the young minds are entirely locked inside the house.

Stepping out restricted until any cause of the emergency, homeschooling was a mode of indirect communication. For the time being it remains the best solution for the active minds of the teenager. But the engagement to the screens and the device is increasing with the involvement. The teenage crisis may not be blamed on social media when the addiction is mostly to the device. They are more prone to have the device in their hand for the maximum time, it may be for any chatting, messaging, social media use, or simply surfing for educational content.

Overuses of social media is seen in a few sections of teenagers when they are mostly engaged in apps such as Instagram, Snapchat. Precisely, when teenagers are less interested; finding a positive or useful mode from the screen timing and social media. Effects of the excessive use compromising on the sleeping and rest hours will always develop some health issues which is a concern about the teenage crisis.

Tiredness due to excessive screen time

After the use of the device for the entire day for different purposes, maximum for the educational purpose, it is obvious a child will need some rest hours. What should a child do during rest hours? He or she is expected to have some sound sleep, play games, or watch a good movie that will freshen up the mind. Resisting screen time turns difficult when the refreshment is expected from social media.

Symptoms of tiredness are observed when prolonged exposure to the screens of their smartphones. While using the blue filters or eye protection option in their phones will be finding the alarming symptoms of phone overuse.


Though teenagers are less prone to depressions when they have less effect from jealousy and guilt to their mind; ensures less influence from social media. Unwanted and negative comments, cyber bullying are a few of the causes that mainly pull them to depression. They find it insecure and untrustworthy reducing their night sleeping hours.

Physical health issues

Tiredness has a direct relation to mental and physical health. Prolonging the screen time can be controlled if the overuse of social media is of concern. Unwanted involvement may hurt the mind of teenagers but under proper knowledge and approach use, it can be beneficial. Several experts are present in the social media platform who can guide with the problems related to mental and physical health.

A teenage crisis can be classified into screen time and social media use, the major addiction is to the device. To stay connected to it, the indirect communication social media has gained the priority that has an approach to the unknown large crowd easier.

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