Stay Fit with Aqua Aerobics

We tell you why you should go back to your childhood landenjoy water just as you did when you were a kid, with some music and a lot of fun.


Overall fitness

Aqua fit exercises are done with chest level water, which means all your muscles get the benefits of the stretches including your heart. It brings blood flow back to your heart, improving the functioning of your internal organs and lymphatic system.

Makes you slim

Jogging on dry land will only burn up approximately six calories per minute, whereas aqua jogging can burn over 11 calories a minute, making you slimmer when done regularly. Working out in water makes your muscles work harder as you have to push through the water to stretch.

Increases strength

You work 12 times against the resistance of the air when you workout in water. Kicking and cupping the water helps in muscle development, increases the metabolism rate and makes the body fitter and healthier. Using equipments like water paddles, noodles, single or double buoys and kickboards further induces strength.

Makes you feel lighter

When you jump or run in water, your body does not experience the same impact that these moves cause on land, and makes your body feel about 90 percent lighter. This makes water aerobics ideal for those suffering from arthritis, back problems, foot or leg injuries and knee conditions. Pregnant women, obese men and women, and kids also benefit from this.

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