How Do The Varied Appearances Of Your Nails Tell Your Health Condition?

Nails that tell health condition

Nails that tell health condition – Nails are the integral part of your body and they pretty much get affected with every bodily change.

While it drops hint at the fact that your health may be at jeopardy, nails also mirror your best health. Nails are prone to change colours and all this while you have never wondered why. A touch of white there, a rosy tinge here or some undulating thuds scattered here and there vie for your attention to alarm you against some potential health ailments.

There may be problems in the liver, lungs or heart, here under is a complete guide to understand how your nails can be the first indicator:

Nails that tell health condition –

  • If your nails are very pale then you are surely anaemic. There may be chances of congestive heart failure, liver disease or malnutrition.

  • If you have white nails with darker rims, this is a sign that you may have health problems. It can be as worse as Hepatitis or jaundice.

  • Yellow nails are a sign of fungal infection. With the perennial worsening of the nails, the nail bed starts to retract, there after they may thicken or smash off.

  • If your nail starts to acquire blue colour, then you may have oxygen deficiency. This is a stark indication of lungs disorder, such as emphysema. Some heart problems may also be germinating inside so you are having blue nails.

  • Ripples in the nail tell you that you are prey to psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis already. If your nails tend to discolour every now and then, especially the skin under the nail is reddish-brown, then the chances of psoriasis concretizes.

  • The dry, cracked, flaky nails are sign of Thyroid. If your nail is always cracking and developing yellowish hue, then you may have terminal thyroid.

  • You have reason to worry if there are dark lines beneath the nails. It is a sign of melanoma, a dangerous type of skin cancer which needs to be diagnosed at the earliest.

Nails that tell health condition – Whether you clip, file or paint your nails, they give more insights into your health condition that just looking good. It opens an window to your health so keep it under check.

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