Depression Killed These 5 Actors And Nothing Could Save Them

Died because of depression

Bollywood is not an easy place to survive and you won’t be able to see the danger while sitting at home.

Though the fame and everything looks good from a distance, it comes with a lot of prices for those who are in it. One thing that most of the Bollywood actors deal with in their life is depression. Well, it can come any time and because of any reasons but when depression strikes the life of an actor, it becomes hard and they sometimes end up losing their life to it.

Here are 5 actors who died because of depression and nothing could save them.

Died because of depression –

  1. Jiah Khan

One of the most shocking deaths in Bollywood was of Jiah Khan, who was having love life as well as career issues. Her suicide note and the story that surrounded her death told us the harsh truth of Bollywood.

Died because of depression

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