Does Cracking Knuckles Cause Arthritis?

Knuckle Cracking

We all have the habit of knuckle cracking. Right?

No matter how hard we try ignoring it; we still end up cracking our knuckles.

Frankly if you ask me about it; I certainly can’t stop myself from doing it.

Well apart from that; you must’ve seen there are many who will shout you and say “stop doing it” and when you ask “why?” some of ‘em will say it’s too irritable whereas others will say that it is not good for your health and it causes arthritis. Have you ever come across such people? I have and I even asked ‘em – Does it really cause arthritis?

They were like yes but frankly they had no explanation to it.

I still researched about it but first let me explain about the sound that we hear when we crack our joints.

  • Many of our joints allow fingers to make a gesture- i.e. they feature small gaps that are filled with synovial fluid.
  • This fluid allows the bones in our joints to glide close to one another.
  • When you crack the joints, you expand the volume of space between your joints and that volume creates negative pressure which sucks the fluid into newly created space.
  • This fully fluid is the popping and that’s when you hear noise when you crack knuckle.

Knuckle Cracking

And now back to arthritis; the real answer is cracking knuckles does not cause Arthritis.

On a serious note; cracking knuckles is very common and no doubt there are many other who hate cracking ‘em because of the sound. Well and according to the science, it is not risky and harmful because no such cases are been reported.

Even though it doesn’t break or cause arthritis; there is casual report that says people who tried hard cracking their Knuckles faced a small injury of joint swelling. But other than that nothing is major related to the knuckle cracking.

So if you find any problems like joint swelling then take medical treatment as soon as possible.

And thus in short, Knuckle cracking is said to be good because it acts like a work-out because it stretches the joints.

Knuckle Cracking

So guys, keep crack…crack…cracking (Wink!)

Any queries? Let us know in a comment below.

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