The Next Hot And Happening Hangout Point Is Hospital Bed! Have You Booked One?


New Delhi is among the topmost polluted cities in the world!

India is racing to claim the top spot for highest number of diabetics in the world!

Almost a million people die in India every year due to smoking!

Want to go on reading such scary facts?

Well, look around and you will find everyone around you, your friends, neighbours, family and even strangers suffering from some ailment or the other. The medical industry is one of the fastest growing ones, thanks to you and me! Going by this trend, no matter how many hospitals come up in the country, they will all be booked all round the year and there might be scarcity of beds!

Even today due to unavailability of enough medical centres, some hospitals don’t admit every patient. The reason being if a patient can be treated at home, it’s better so that hospital beds are free for the really needy ones.

But what about the future?

Not enough hospitals are coming up, but we all are getting sick day by day due to bad lifestyle, poor quality of water and air!

If things go on like this, very soon we will meet our prospective life partners standing in a queue paying hospital bills or buying medicines from the hospital chemist shop or worst, lying next to each other in a hospital ward! May be couple of friends can negotiate a deal for group medical treatment in the same hospital at the same time so that they can spend time with each other!

Yes, it all sounds like exaggeration!

May be it is, however if we all don’t take care of ourselves and our near and dear ones, the best of incomes and fatty bank balances will not be able to help us live a healthy life away from the scary lonely corridors of a hospital!

The only thing we can do is live a healthy lifestyle.

Cut down on junk food, stop smoking, live a contented life to reduce stress running after everything that money can buy and focus on family rather than materialistic gains only!

Apart from that, let’s become responsible citizens and push our elected politicians to take necessary steps to improve the quality of air and water in our cities.

This is the least we owe to the next generation. And no, this is not some gyan, but the only way to be prepared for future.

Let’s keep on hanging out at coffee houses and bars and cinema halls rather than in a hospital ward wearing boring gowns!

Your health is in your hands, take care of it!

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