How to fight Monday morning blues!

Monday is her and those blues are back too. But worry not, we tell you ways to fight this universal trouble. Read on!

Did this ‘doomed’ feeling start last night? Now let’s rewind to your Friday evening…weren’t you smiling like a fool? Insanely happy about the arrival of the weekend? But the doomed feeling is here…oh, yeah,  it’s here. The most dreaded day of the week…Monday…is here! We know how depressed you’re and how much you want to just curl up and go back to sleep. But you have to get up and go to work…we tell you ways to drive those blues away. Read on:

Fancy breakfast:
Nothing beats the blues like a lavish breakfast made out of uber fancy stuff. You might generally not like to spend on great food, but today you should indulge in a king size one. Good looking food is sure to pep up your mood and make your blues go away. Give your eggs and milk and miss, go for pancakes with honey instead. In fact, don’t carry a dabba either…have a fulfilling lunch and you’re good to face the wrath of the week.


No public transport:
Whatever you do, skip your regular 8.16 slow local. Today isn’t the day to negotiate with the crowds. Either car-pool or take a cab, but don’t go by buses and trains. Your sour mood will worsen when you meet fellow office/college-goers and you would end up spitting fire on everybody. Let’s give the world some break, shall we? You don’t want to face sweat, cribbing and early morning fights, do you?

Don’t let the blues bog you down. If you’re a woman, go all out and make-up your face. And if you’re a guy, walk out in cool clothes and shiny shoes. The best way to get inspired to work on a Monday is the joy of wearing good clothes, accessories and smelling divine. Try this out and let’s know about it! Women, deck up in classy dresses or gorgeous saris today!

Morning walk:
Wake up early and go for a brisk morning walk. Even if the possibility of rolling on the bed sounds more appealing, you’d feel a lot sharper after a nice, long walk. Enjoy some ‘me’ time with the greens and you’re going to be one very happy person.

Think of Monday evenings:
The best way to forget about the blues is to think about the evenings. Yes! Your work day has just 8 hours, rest of the evening is yours. Think of how you can best utilize the evening by catching up with friends, picking up a book on the way or watching your favorite show on TV. This will definitely work out! Trust us…


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