High fiber diet can prevent constipation

We suggest ways to prevent and cure constipation. Read on!

Constipation is either a decrease in the frequency of stools or an increase in the difficulty of passage of stool. The person suffering with constipation generally complains of hard bowel movements, small actions, inability to evacuate, or the sensation of incomplete evacuation. Some studies have demonstrated that 95% of healthy adults will have a minimum of three bowel movements per week. Those with fewer than three stools a week are considered to have constipation. It is more common in female than in male. As per Ayurveda most of the diseases especially digestive tract related disorders are caused due to an upset digestive system. New researches in medical science support the fact that there might be some relation between neurological disorders and constipation. In some cases it is associated with an endocrinal disorder like hypothyroidism or some surgical illness.


Preventive measures for constipation

  • High fiber diet
  • High fluid intake
  • Eat fresh & seasonal fruits daily
  • Keep regular sleep–wake schedule
  • Daily exercise
  • Avoid stress
  • Avoid bakery products
  • Avoid Processed products of refined cereals such as refined flour & maida e.g. noodles, pasta, cake, white – bread, pizza, macaroni etc. are low in roughage and fibre.
  • Avoid junk food
  • Avoid tobacco chewing & smoking

Fiber Content of Selected Dietary Items

Food Group

Low Fiber

High Fiber


Apples (cooked) Oranges Pears Bananas Grapes Fruit juices

Prunes (stewed) Raspberries Apples (with peel) Dates (dried)


Cabbage Summer squash Vegetable juices

Spinach Sweet potato Corn Broccoli Turnips


Bagel White bread Flour, white Potato (mashed, chips) Pasta Popcorn

Lentils Bran Barley Kidney beans Peas Brown rice Granola Flour, whole wheat


Meats, seafood Dairy products, eggs Nuts and seeds Oils


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