Is The Hot And Sexy Nargis Fakhri Looking For A New Boyfriend To Re-Start Her Career?

Nargis Fakhri’s comment about Katrina Kaif that she was helped by her boyfriend in her career. We will try to look into reasons for such a comment and her own insecurities.

Nargis Fakhri needs a new boyfriend and right now!

Not for the obvious reasons of love and companionship, but only for one purpose- To get her career kick-started!

Well, she is not saying it, but her recent interview points to this fact only that she is looking for a superstar or an influential boyfriend who can help her get ahead in Bollywood.

In the interview she spoke about the hardships faced by Katrina Kaif in achieving her Bollywood dreams. Even though Nargis admired Kat’s struggles and looks at her as an inspiration, in the same breath she also said that Katrina was helped by her boyfriend (read Salman Khan!)!

Do we smell some jealousy?

Or an aspiration to have a boyfriend like Sallu bhai who can make her non-existing talent appear from somewhere and take her to the top of the lot?

For those who have forgotten, Nargis was linked for the longest time to another biggie from Bollywood, late Yash Chopra’s son and Aditya Chopra’s younger brother, the good for nothing, Uday Chopra! Even though she kept denying it, Uday was the one shouting from the rooftops about their alleged romance or sizzling chemistry; not that she herself didn’t add fuel to the fire by being present around him all the freaking time!

Just a few days back they kind of officially announced that nothing is brewing between them and all that smoke was only due to Nargis’ hotness.

Good for her actually so that she got herself free from the clutches of a wannabe actor whose only claim to fame was his family name!

However, it landed her in another trouble.

Whom to date now or which superstar to cling on to! She gives Katrina’s example given the common things between them like both are from abroad, both are weak in Hindi, both have got no talent except for hot and sizzling looks etc etc. Kat was however lucky to have found a boyfriend in Salman who supported her thoroughly only to be kicked in his ass by her who went ahead and chose a younger prize, Ranbir Kapoor as her life partner.

Given this scenario, Salman will never support Nargis the way he supported Kat, even though he did praised her item number in his recent blockbuster, Kick. That leaves with very little options for Nargis. None of the reigning powerful stars are single. The ones who are, they are already dating. The ones, who are single and available, are not that powerful.

Serious situation, right?

How about she works on her Hindi, acting talent and proves herself with at least one movie, if not more, that she is an actress and not just a glam-doll good to be a furniture piece?

Only then can some superstar might put his faith and money on her and promote her, provided that superstar is single in his life!

Work hard Nargis Fakhri, depending upon boyfriends may not take you much far!

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