10 Things That Happen To You When You Are Over Stressed!

when you are stressed

When you are stressed – Stress has become part and parcel of our lives these days. It is a wonder if we feel relaxed, as that feeling doesn’t last long enough for us to relish. One peep into our mailbox, one minute of a news channel on TV or even one phone call can give us all the stress.

This “uninvited guest” can have a lot of negative impact on our body. Some of these bothersome physical indications are included here.

Things happen when you are stressed –

  1. Clogging pores and skin break outs

When we are stressed we can wake up with a few pimples. This is all because of the stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone clogs the pores on our skin and causes breakouts.

when you are stressed

  1. Turn red like a tomato!

Do you feel like you are sweating at your desk even when the air conditioner is on? Are your cheeks turning pink too? Then it is definitely the work of stress. You will turn red and your heart will beat faster. This is because the body is not able to cool itself down.

when you are stressed

  1. Feeling exhausted all the time?

Feeling tired after a day’s hard work is normal. However when you feel tired though out the day and for no reason at all? The constant stress can make you feel sleepy the whole day and also lethargic to a large extent.

when you are stressed

  1. Too much hair fall!

Your hair starts to shed like crazy when the stress levels shoot up. Its high time to deal with your stress before you go bald!

when you are stressed

  1. Blood sugar levels go down

When the stress increases in your life you become shaky and weak. You even feel like grabbing a snack. This strange feeling is normally can be connected to the strong emotional responses. Handle the stress before it brings more chaos in your life!

when you are stressed

  1. You will feel the jitters

When you are reaching out to take something and notice that your hands are trembling then you better know that the stress is trying to escape from your body in a jittery form!

when you are stressed

  1. Do you feel drowsy?

If you feel dizzy or a fainting spell all of a sudden, don’t take it lightly. It happens when there is a drop in blood pressure. Of course stress is the culprit!

when you are stressed

  1. You feel pain all the time

Your posture changes when you are stressed. You stand with your shoulders raised, back stiff and clasped jaw. Your body will feel sore. If you keep the stress locked inside then you will have body aches in addition to your severe headaches.

when you are stressed

  1. You look way older than your age

You will add a lot of wrinkles and lines to your face when you are stressed up. When you live a stress-free life or know how to handle the stress you will feel younger and you will surely look younger too. Slow down the aging process by kicking the stress out of your life.

when you are stressed

  1. Immunity goes for a toss

Stress levels can affect your resistance power to a large extent. You will keep catching cold and the germs will be happy to reside in a stress filled body. You will realise the energy, endurance and resistance level are all going down.

when you are stressed

So, these were few things that happen when you are stressed so don’t stress yourself be calm mediate and enjoy life is too short to take stress and waste it.

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