These 5 Pillars Of Health Can Give You A Blissful Life!


So you want to be healthy.

Not only you, but also all young/adult/old had a health dream too.

How many of them have really achieved the desire health. Let’s assume that most of the health conscious people are fit, but are they really fit?

Fitness is completely different from Health. But majority of Indians have this misconception about health. They consider a good fit/muscular body is our health. Body fitness is one part of our health. There are other factors which affect our health in a great way.

The Mental Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Social Wellness are equally important as like our Physical Wellness.

To be a completely healthy we need to take care of all the 5 pillars of health.

Let see one by one how we can make it happened.

1)      Physical Wellness: 

Physical Wellness is the prime ingredients of complete health. There are three main ingredients that make us healthy.

  • Proper Nutritional Diet: Our body is product of our food that we eat in our day to day life. So the proverb of “We shall become tomorrow what we eat today” is very truly fit. Now question is that, does your daily diet plan have these entire food supplements which our body need? If yes than ok, it not you need to think on it. You need all vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber everything regularly. If you think that by eating fast food, processed & packaged food you will get all these for your body than think again. Add fresh fruits, Vegetables, Green Leaves, Nuts to your diet and cut excess fatty foods like pizza, burger, hotdog, chips etc. Take at least 5 different variety fruits every day. Young mass like the above spicy foods, these lead to the nutritional deficiency in the body as a result the early aging, lack of stamina, tiredness, are there among the youth.
  • Regular Exercise: The body part we don’t use regularly will become vestige. This may hurt you but it’s true. Our body parts will become strong and healthy when we put them in a regular use. A regular use of organs helps good blood circulation, a good blood circulation mean the entire organ getting their proper nutrition and oxygen. If you think in this activity less modern lifestyle you will keep your organs fit and make the muscle grow without physical exercise, than you need to watch the telebrand advertisement of weight loss products. And put yourself in the jogging track. No matter what you are doing but make sure your activities stretches your muscles, active your nerves and make you sweating.
  • Adequate Rest: Taking rest is a part of healthy lifestyle. Rest is a repairing stage of our body organ. Our body organs make themselves correct and effective at the time of rest. So adequate rest is quite essential for effectiveness of our body organ.

2)     Mental Wellness:

Brain is a vital organ of our body. Everything starts from brain and end with brain. So keep our brain healthy is quite essential for healthy life. Meditation is a very good exercise for brain. Make the brain thoughtless by meditation when it take rest and become more efficient.  Playing brain treasure games, solve puzzles are some of the brain exercises to make it sharp.

3)     Spiritual Wellness:

Where you have to believe in God or Destiny or Cosmic energy in which form you accept the super power is. In our daily life not everything happened as the way we want it to be happened. Not everything in our control. If we believe in super power it make us believe that “Everything happening in my life is great and best for me”. Spiritual wellness is about finding good things in every situation/ in every person and ignores the negatives.

4)     Emotional Wellness:

This is something very hard to achieve. In this materialistic we give importance to things we have not the relationship we have. In this process we want and expect many things from others. If we don’t get the desire things from them we become frustrated and get emotionally hurt. It takes away our happiness. Without happiness we cannot get our complete health. So what to do for emotional health. Give importance to the people in our life. And don’t expect anything from others. When you make your expectation zero you will able to see the beauty of the relationship. Accept every people and expect from yourself.

5)      Social Wellness:

We are social animal. We are living in our society by helping each other. If we don’t help others than no one is going to help us. If we are in some situation where need help of others and don’t get it. We become helpless and stressed. This is also affecting to our overall healthy life. So make a habit of helping others as per your capacity which will return to you with multiples.

Finally living an overall healthy life is difficult, but a conscious effort can take you closer to it. If you won’t make all the above wellness than don’t worry start with one step and you will see the difference after few days.

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