Find Out Why Your Penis Is Hurting Way Too Much!

Penis hurts

Penis hurts ? Like every other body part; taking care of the private part equally matters a lot.

And whenever the body-parts start paining; there is certainly no easy explanation for it. Plus when it is the integral part of your “manhood” then it get’s “too-hard-to-handle”.

Well, even though you are exercising and stuff the food that you consume can also result into creating a trouble down there.

Exercising matters but following a healthy diet matters too.

It is quite obvious that the hurting of your penis might make you question yourself- “what are you doing wrong”?

And therefore these listed points will help you get an answer, when penis hurts –

Reason when your penis hurts –

  1. Smoking kills!

Like we all know smoking is injurious to health. But at the same time the product is something that many men finds hard to avoid. And thus they need at-least 1-2 packs or more than that per day.

But, smoking can hurt you down there because the short-term nicotine constricts the blood-vessels (reduces the blood flow to the penis) and that decreases’ your erection timings. Plus, it also affects the semen.

  1. Eating unhealthy items (Junk!)

Eating junk food is like an everyday habit but eating way too much can create a serious problem. Actually the food that you eat in your daily basis results into the taste of your semen. Therefore ditch consuming foods with hydrogenated oils.

  1. Taking a lot of Stress

Stress is not good at all. Stress highly affects the health e.g. headaches and also other body pains. So don’t take stress and live a happy life by keeping your p-part cheerful.

  1. Not drinking coffee

Drinking coffee is not that bad at-all. Even drinking one cup of coffee will work because the caffeine present in it helps relaxes the arteries and also smoothes the muscles in penis. The caffeine helps increase a proper blood flow too.

  1. Being lazy

Even though you’re working 9-5 don’t let it stop you from being active. Instead, keep walking and stuff to help increase the stamina in you. In your free-time you can also carry some work-exercises and others can hit the gym to stay fit and keep the p-part fine.

  1. Not exercising at all

Don’t avoid exercising because it definitely helps to have better erectile function.

  1. Not getting enough sleep

There should be an appropriate time set for sleeping (at-least 9 hours) because if there is no sleep than your sperms will also feel sleepy enough to function properly.

  1. Sex

Keeping your penis happy is as important as using it when needed. If you’re not having enough sex that it can result into causing erectile dysfunction easily.

These may be the reasons penis hurts. So, make sure to have sex at-least once a week to keep everything at ease.

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