Jal Neti Offers You Tremendous Health Benefits

Jal Neti

Jal Neti – If you are familiar with the Sanskrit language, you should know that Jal means water. Neti had a different meaning earlier. It was ‘to guide’. In modern times, it has acquired a new meaning, which is, ‘nasal cleansing’.

  • Jal Neti refers to the cleansing and purification of the nasal path via the usage of water.
  • Fine, but you are still wondering what all this has to do with you!

Well, if you practice Jal Neti regularly, similar to brushing your teeth, you should remain free of disease and handle your breathing better than before.

  • What will you need for initiating the process?

Some lukewarm water with a pinch of salt added to it, and a Neti pot, should do.

  • Now, what is a Neti pot?

The pot itself is small, but is attached to a long and narrow spout on its side. The spout has the capacity to enter your nostrils easily.

  • No, do not engage in any kind of self-experimentation, unless you wish to meet with disaster! Request a professional yoga practitioner to show you the way!
  • What will this practice reduce?

You will find migraine attacks, middle ear infections, sinusitis, tinnitus, asthmatic conditions, etc, easier to handle.

  • All the bacteria, dirt and mucus settled firmly inside your nose, would be forced to walk out!
  • Naturally, you will be able to smell better! You will also no longer suffer from allergies, rhinitis or upper respiratory issues (dry cough, sore throat or tonsillitis).
  • Other benefits include improvement of vision via cleansing of eye ducts, attainment of peace of mind and reduction in anger. You will find an enhancement in your meditative practices.
  • Now, do not go around with a wet and sticky nose after performing Jal Neti! Damp nasal passages are prone to infection. Therefore, wipe your nose clean and dry.

Jal Neti should be practiced daily, if you desire maximum benefits. After all, you cleanse your oral cavity and teeth daily, don’t you? It is indeed one of the best ways to avoid regular visits to your family doctor!

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