How to Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight In Easier Way

How to Boost Metabolism

Metabolism helps to break the foods and turn them into energy and eliminate the waste. And faster the metabolism more caloies you burn.

But many people don’t have a fast metabolism. And people who have slow metabolism fail to lose fat  as you are not burning right amount of calories.

Instead of frustrating why you are not losing weight, it’s better to trick your body and boost metabolism to burn fats.

Follow these tricks and tips and get the answer on how to boost metabolism easily:

Smart Diet- Eat Often But Right

Spread out your calories through the day. Eat frequent meals as starving will only lead to overeating.

And make sure you plan or keep a check or keep on analyzing what are eating. Keeping a track of food intake will make you aware that you are eating a lot of carbs and fats instead of fiber and protein.

Another ideal way to tackle weight loss is to know how much calories your body needs, calculate your BMR and simply eat that much.

So make sure your diet is only of:

  • Protein and omega 3 rich foods.
  • Healthy fat- Coconut, ghee, avocados and others.
  • Fiber- flaxseeds, walnut, almonds, berries, nuts, chia seeds and other high fibrous foods.
  • Metabolism booster foods like- Green tea, lemon, yogurt, garlic, hot peppers and spinach among others.


Go for Burst Training and enjoy after burn

Instead of going for hard core exercise and training,  you must go for burst training. As this type of exercise is the most effective way to boost metabolism which in turn burns fat.

So next time you exercise, or walk, amp up the intensity for 30-second intervals, returning to your normal speed afterwards. This tactic will help you consume more oxygen and make your cell powerhouses, the mitochondria, work harder to burn energy.

Also whenever you get time go for  short burst of intense exercise, say around 2.5 minutes as this leads to after burn of 200 cals.


Say bye to emotional stress and lack of sleep.

When you are constantly under stress and sleepless nights are on e regular basis then you must curb this as these affect your body very badly. Sleep well get eight hours of sleep to banish the problem of metabolism.

And whenever you are under stress you can follow the trick of write it out. Take a paper write your feelings. In one column the things that make you happy and in the second column the stuffs that annoy you. After knowing these things start taking out time for the ones that keeps your mind fresh and happy.

lack of sleep

Concentrate On Muscle Building

Torch down the body fats and build up muscle. As muscle weigh more and it uses more energy. So if you strength train for good 40 minutes around few months then your resting metabolism will be around 100 calories a day without doing anything.

So what is the best way to for gaining apt muscle mass? Yes, you guessed it right, one of the ideal ways is weight training.


These are recommended methods to boost metabolism and we are sure after following them soon your body will be calorie burning machine?

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