Do You Relate To These Funny 6 Types Of Eaters That Can Easily Fit The Bill!

So when you enter a burger joint or a resto, the one thing that enters your mind is ‘˜how will my friends react to my eating habits?

So when you enter a burger joint or a resto, the one thing that enters your mind is ‘how will my friends react to my eating habits?’

At times, one may be labelled as a ‘fussy eater’ or famously renowned for being a calorie conscious!

Like most people, you possibly flutter from one eating style to the other or are a combination of two or three categories at once.

When it comes to dropping those extra calories, it’s clear that one size does not fit all.

And it’s always difficult to drop those pounds, making sure that you choose the right eating plan for your personality which can help to maintain it on a long run.

Thus, it all comes down to choosing a diet plan based on the kind of eater you are.

So we decide to tickle the funny bone and draw up these 6 types of eaters that can easily relate to YOU! Make sure you aren’t one of them:

The Social eater

For this guy, life is one big party! The order of the day starts with food, fun, friends and festivity. These types of eaters love being invited to dinner parties, restaurants or cookery classes and or even a restaurant launch. They are always on the look-out for new recipes to please up friends. Moreover, these social eaters are very lazy and are known to stack up food for unexpected visitors.


The Confused eater

So many of us can easily relate to this type of eater as food and eating is the only option for this guy. These guys are diehard fans of health books which tell them what to eat and what not to but if they find out about an article that contradicts their thinking then, frustration looms at large. At such times, they hardly care what’s on the platter as filling the tummy is the only viable option. A confused eater would like less of ingredients in the food and would demand high in quantity.


The Experimental eater

This individual can be related to those eaters who like anything on the plate – even a cooked mouse! The experimental eater is never more contented at trying something new and unusual. These people find delight in trying out new recipes and are the first in queues if a trendy juice bar has opened. Diet plans are never an option for these experimentalists’ who just want some trendy food at hand.


The Mindful eater

Here is another type of eaters who fill this world with only a dream of eating just FOOD! But not just any other food as it should be clean, nutritious and hygienic. This eater is a bit conscious of what he or she eats is likely to eat organic or vegan. Flesh food is not even an option and options like dining out or binge eating is a strict no-no. Their viable options here can a packet of fruit salad with a fresh watermelon juice!


The Focused eater

These types of eaters are ‘god gifted’ (pun intended) as they are driven on a mission on to eat a certain type of foods that will enable them to feel better, faster or easier results when it comes to losing calories or feeling healthier. They are regular gym-goers and have the patience to sip hog on those fresh veggies and fruits every morning if they think the food they have will give a desired result! Alas, if it only can.


The Sensitive eater

Here comes an eater who only listens – to himself! They hog on to food that their body demands for. These eaters are of niche categories and their food choice is unforeseen because even before they taste it, the selection of food according to them, is absolutely spot on! These guys do not care what the food is about; it’s just the variation that makes the cut!


Thus, the above 6 eaters are easily available in the society at large. May be you, yes YOU, reading the article can relate to the article and tells us below, which of the above eater are you?

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