Wanna Ditch Ghee To Lose Weight Then Well Read What Ghee Does To Your Body!

Benefits of ghee

Benefits of ghee – Whenever we think of diet we hear only one advice ditch all fat foods and Ghee comes first in the list. But we Indians are in love relation with ghee, we can never say no to Desi ghee sweets, Paranthas, we add ghee in almost everything. But ask any fitness freak and they would say a strict no to ghee. But you will be surprised to know about benefits of ghee, it’s very good for your soul and mind.

Ghee never adds to fats in fact it makes your body fit; it is one among the most powerful foods. Now this is the reason why mom’s always forcefully adds ghee in everything we eat. But eat in moderation too much of consumption isn’t healthy. 1-2 spoonful of ghee a day will do no harm so don’t be guilty of eating it.

Below are few benefits of ghee

  • Ghee is low in fat in case you have cholesterol issue then go for ghee not butter. Ghee is full of saturated fats which is very good for health.
  • Ghee gives lots of energy; this is reason why athletes consume Ghee.
  • Unlike oil when you fry or cook in ghee it doesn’t break into free radicals.
  • Ghee has Vitamin A and E which are very important
  • Ghee helps in losing weight, energy we get through these fatty acids burns other stubborn fats and aids in weight loss.
  • Ghee is rich in CLA and K2.
  • Ghee is wonderful for skin especially for dry skin
  • Ghee is very good to boost brain power
  • Ghee kills all negative emotions in you and makes you positive.
  • Ghee also has Anti-cancer properties and Anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  • Ghee strengthens immune system and digestive system as well.
  • Ghee also boosts eye-sight
  • Ayurveda strictly believes that Ghee is one among the most satvic food. Ghee increases positivity.
  • Ghee aids in removing all impurities from the body.

I am sure your plan of ditching Ghee might have changed by now, eat in moderation and live a healthy life. There is a reason why mom’s always are after ghee and they add in everything!

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