Balanced Diet with Benefits of Minerals And Recipe Ideas

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A balanced diet is always prepared by keeping in concern about the necessary nutrition to a human body. What does a body require? Body nutrition differs from the other body, so the requirement of a particular body is different from another. A balanced diet should be prepared by understanding the percent of nutrition lacking in body development. Nutrition with minerals should also be added so as to fight against the deficiencies with a body.


Minerals are required in our daily life

The main reason to include minerals in our daily life is to help in maintaining the health of the body, along with developing and sustain or resist body problems. Minerals, as we know are differentiated into two main parts; they are macro minerals and trace minerals. The macro mineral is required in large quantities and trace minerals are essential in less amount but its presence is highly important for better functioning of the body.

Macro and trace minerals are present in different foods and drinks that are added in regular balanced diet charts such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc which is essential for proper blood circulation and strong bones in the body. Magnesium is a trace mineral that helps in functioning in about 300 enzymes reactions, apart from body bones calcium takes part in the proper transmission and the release of neurotransmitters from nerves.

Amino acids are required for the detoxification of the liver and also most important for the formation and metabolism of proteins. Sulfur is present in amino acids that are required which consists of methionine and cysteine required for better functioning of the liver within the body. Apart from sulfur, magnesium helps in the metabolism of the protein.

This is already known to us that Iodine is the essential mineral, and more or less it participates in brain developments and also important for the thyroid hormone. Potassium and carbohydrates are necessary for providing the energy of the body.

Best Foods as Balanced Diets with Minerals

Delicious and balanced Diet with minerals that are quick and easy to cook, filled with the benefits of minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial nutritious elements.

Chicken Satay salad
Chicken Satay salad, it is luscious with high protein due to the presence of chicken breasts with the mix of peanut satay sauce. Southeast Asian dish is chicken satay with seasoned grilled chicken, which can be savored with vegetable fried rice. A stomach filled food that flavorsome to our tongue.

Brocolli protein pots

Brocolli protein pots with a mixture of onions, greens together create appetizing flavor along with energy and growth developing rice. One bowl of prepared broccoli protein pots with the endless mesmerizing smell of sushi ginger provides a twist in this Japanese dish.

Egyptian Egg salad
Eggs have endless nutrition values so with the greens, prepared a salad with eggs is highly nutritious with values of minerals, proteins, and vitamins a complete balanced diet. A strong mouth-watering recipe that can be customized by adding chilies to make salad spicier. Lemon adds to the seasoning of the Egyptian Egg Salad.

Few of the other quick and easy preparation with nutrition values are spicy chicken & avocado wraps, Lemon cod with basil bean mash, and those who are prawn lovers can enjoy Thai prawn and ginger noodles.

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