What Does Bhagawat Gita say About Lust, Anger, and Greed?

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According to the sacred book of Hindu, Bhagawat Gita there are three reasons that lead to the defeat of mankind. Lust, anger, and greed are the doorways to hell, no one can protect if anyone enhances of the three. History and mythology both have several examples that warn about the losses and defeat a person has to face.

As to the Brahma Kumaris, the act of lust is the brutal enemy of human; it is the way to hell. The version of the desire so-called lust that develops anger and greed should never be fed. Even the emperor had to give up their empire due to obsession and lust. The great emperor Allaudin Khilji lost his senses to possess Padmavati but owned nothing except ignorance, anger, and madness due to rejection.

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Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan was never successful as a king due to his obsession with women. Finally, the Ravana demon with the ten head had to give up his life and empire for a woman “Sita”. After all, it becomes important to give up feeling when it cannot give any positive vibes to the soul and mankind.

As per Bhagavat Gita ways to hell


How is the feeling of lust? Never confuse love and lust, as the feeling may be similar somewhere but the attitude, as well as action, can make the changes. The feeling of lust is just for some time unless there is an obsession. According to the Bhagawat Gita, lust can destroy the power of thinking, make a slave and completely end self-realization.
The obsession can be for a person or more, but it cannot be love at all when it wants to occupy a person. When the mind turns to become a slave, cannot think better if it can do good or bad.


Greed is the habit of the desire for materialistic objects more and more. A person who is greedy will never be satisfied with anything. Greater they achieve the higher they want in their wallet. They are not close to the spiritual world, so they are not aware of destroying mankind.
People who lack closeness to the spiritual world does not realize about the problem, difficulties that other person may face due to their behaviors and greed. A greedy person will always try to achieve materialistic profits at any cost.
And as the connection to the spiritual world and mankind ends, evil begins
“Greed makes a man blind and foolish”.


Once again, Bhagawat Gita has mentioned anger as the biggest enemy of humans. Anger increases and slowly a person losses ability; the power to think. A person can do anything worst in anger but never benefit. Harming and destruction are two of the main loss to, mankind due to anger. In this stage a person losses thinking power to understand his situation as well as others. No longer the mind allows him to think better accept destroying or harming in the rivalry.
Hereby according to Lord Krishna, as mentioned in Bhagawat Gita that :
There are three gates to self–destruction, and pathways to hell: Lust, Greed, and anger.

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