Is It Time For An Indian American To Be The President of The USA?


America is undergoing a sea change in their sensibilities as a nation.

After decades of rule by the white-skinned leaders, the country gave a chance to first Black President, Barack Obama in 2008 and then re-elected him in 2012 for another four years!

How his rule changed America is a matter of debate, but in the next elections, a prominent candidate is going to be Hillary Clinton and as of today, the country seems inclined to embrace her as the first female president.


Hillary Clinton

Given such positive and flexible changes in the mindsets of the average American voter, why can’t we expand our horizons and imagine an Indian American occupying the top post? If a country where black people worked as slaves for centuries can make a black person its president, there is definitely a possibility of an Indian having an equal opportunity. As a race, we have already proved that we are hard-working, well educated, responsible and peace-loving people. Indians are contributing significantly to the country’s political, economic and social capital. The country’s 19th Surgeon General is an Indian, Dr. Vivek Murthy!

Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal

A Lot of politicians have won and re-won their elections with the likes of Bobby Jindal, Manan Trivedi, Kamala Harris, Nikki Haley regularly hogging the limelight for their precious contribution to social life.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris

The list is way too long if we include Indians involved in various other sectors like IT, business, entertainment, law etc.

Even if we are a mere 1% of the entire population of America, we are still one of the highest educated ethnic groups with the highest per capital income and become a major source of funding for both Democrats and Republicans! It is no mean task given that despite being second to people of Chinese descent, we command more respect from average Americans.

The factor which can work in our favour against the Chinese is the mutual distrust between the two countries. Hence the average American may find it bit difficult to let a Chinese become their President. Apart from that, no other race is as strong, well connected, well established and so very well integrated with the American life as ours! It becomes easier to run for the top post when you are considered a part of the culture and society rather than just being termed as an outsider or an immigrant.

May be 2016 is too early for an Indian to run for the presidency, but the day probably doesn’t look too far when we might read the headlines: An Indian American becomes the President of the USA!

America is a land of equal opportunities!

Let’s hope someone amongst us gets an opportunity to serve the world’s superpower!

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