Look At The Way How Bill Gates Uses Toys To Educate Us On Climate Change

Climate change is a pressing concern right now. Our climate is on the verge of destruction and we can’t sit idle. There is a dire need to raise awareness among people to do whatever little they can to help save our nature. It is as real as it gets and there is a dire need of action right now!

Many influencers and celebrities have time and again endored the idea of curbing pollution and use the natural resources wisely. The names of the celebrity list that vouched for saving the climate include Elon Musk, Leonardo Di Caprio, Elon Musk, Brad Pitt, Akon, Richard Branson et al. Now, the richest person on Earth, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has joined the bandwagon too who has devised a distinguished method to raise awareness among the masses.

Bill Gates, who has recently given up his throne of being the richest man alive on Earth, is recently indulging in some good cause and we are in complete awe for him. The mother Earth is suffering and he is showing what we earthlings have to do in order to save her. There is a video featuring the tech billionaire surfaced recently on the internet which tells us how to jump in action. Gates chose to go a little old-school by using squishy toys to make his idea comprehendible. We are so excited to feel like kindergarteners again, it’s the bouts of nostalgia that we are having right now.

The agenda of the video is to show the viewers that finding out renewable sources for electricity is not the only way forward to deal with this grave issue of a declining climate. Of course using solar and wind energy bear a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions, there are other sectors too that vie for our attention.

Gates used a pie chart to show that the carbon emissions can be curtailed through electricity generation. He also stressed upon the impact of the sectors like agriculture, manufacturing and even transportation in this context. He understands that we can’t stop the industrial or infastructal growth because the nations have descended in cut-throat competition. Also, there are basic neccessities of the constaly growing population that need to be met also. In a bid to fend off the adverse effects of industralization on mother Earth, he asks every one to adopt more sustainable ways.

In this video below, Bill Gates uses soft toys to convey his idea on how to save the Earth from detrimental effects of climate change:

As Gates adds it, the number of buildings are going to increase by using enormous amounts of Earth’s resources. As a result, the nature will have to bear the brunt! The video came as a part of this year’s annual letter, jointly written by Bill and Melinda Gates. The letter is titled “We didn’t see it coming” and you can read it here.

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