Your Fridge Must Have These Foods For All The Healthy Midnight Munching Sessions!

You are watching midnight movie. You get hungry and there are no leftovers in the fridge.Here are healthy food items you can store for those midnight cravings

Midnight munching!

The term makes me crave for food!

It is hard to resist midnight temptations when you are u watching your favorite show and suddenly realize that you are dying of hunger.

Most of the nights, we end up munching on unhealthy junk that has been in the fridge for days. But we can change this. We can make sure that we eat healthy even at midnight without compromising on the cravings. Here are a few food items you can stack up and experiment with, late into the night.


A solution to all our mood swings and desires, cheese is your best friend at night. Go for the cow cheese slices as it is a great source of calcium. Add it to a bread slice with some cucumber and tomatoes or just melt it over a bowl of hot Maggie, it will always take care of your taste buds.


Add it to oats or muesli, along with some apples or bananas and you are ready to relish your healthy comfort food. You can drain it and use it to cook broccoli or corn with salt and pepper.


Even if you don’t like milk, you can turn it into a smoothie. You can mix it with eggs and flour to make pancakes. With some honey or maple syrup, milk can be transformed into your favorite ingredient!

Orange Juice

Opt for the packaged juices that are free from preservatives. Add them to other drinks to make mock-tails and use them as salad dressings. Yes it’s true! A salad with pineapples, tomatoes, tofu and some greens will taste amazing in orange juice dressing.


Ah the white wonder! From omelet and scrambled to simple hard boiled or poached, our tummy welcomes eggs any hour of the day. For a sweet treat, mix sugar powder in two beaten eggs and add some milk. Now dip bread slices in it and fry them in some oil. Top up with some honey. You will go crazy over this one!

Frozen Fruits

It is an awesome idea to freeze fruits that you like. On a munching night, you can eat these fruits or use them to make smoothies and shakes. Don’t add sugar to keep the liquid healthy.


Always keep healthy nuts – almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts in the fridge. Munch on them when you are craving for some fat. You can also use them with fruits in milk.

Tomato Ketchup

The yummy red sauce can be combined with anything and everything to make a delicious meal. Put it on bread slices and just add corn and onions for a lip-smacking sandwich. Here’s one of my favorite midnight munchies – Have aloo bhujia with hot and chilli tomato sauce. It works wonders to your appetite. Drink it off with some milk shake and you are all set!

We all love to raid the fridge at night and indulge in some guilt-ridden pleasure.

Well not anymore!

With these items, you can be guilt-free while enjoying your midnight munchies!

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