5 Easy Peasy Recipes Every Pasta Lover Should Prepare And Devour

Pasta Recipes

Pasta recipes

It won’t be wrong to say that this staple food of Italians is a major crowd pleaser for many across the globe including Indians.

Who would not love to savor easily made creamy stomach filling dish?

If you love bingeing on pasta but bored of usual basic sauce or mac and cheese preparation then read on as today we have rounded up some scrumptious pasta recipes:

1. One Pot Cheesy Pasta

Prepare this cheesy pasta and we are sure that it will be an instant hit among your kith and kin. Click on the video to know the ingredients as well as the how-to guide.

There is another version of pasta called as three cheese pasta or four cheese pasta. So that particular recipe is also similar to this one. Just instead of one type of cheese, you have to add different types of cheese.

2. Home Style Baked Past

Follow this baked pasta by none other than famous chef Vicky Ratnani. When done right, the crunchy cheese crust and gooeyness will make you crazy.

Follow this video and prepare this savory dish in just a few minutes.


3. Creamy Garlic Penne Pasta

If you are planning light dinner then you can definitely go for this delicious version of Italian dish for you have just boil water, simmer some sauce and your complete meal is done in a jiffy.

4.Pasta In Red And White Sauce

Yup, you read it right! Give a twist to pasta dish by following this Indian recipe which is a mix of red and white sauce.

If you are bored or too tired to prepare food on the stove in this hot weather then you can simply prepare baked version of pasta in few minutes.

5. Shrimp And Mushroom Pasta

Nonvegetarians can gorge on this version of pasta as it is healthy, yummy and can be done in a snap! If you do not have Alfredo sauce then you can prepare one, it is very simple to make.

Also, this video showcases Romano cheese and others which you may not get in general stores then you can simply use the one you can easily get in the market.

Prepare these delectable pasta recipes and your taste buds will surely thank you!

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