Treat Self And Guests With These Navratri Sancky Snacks!

With the Navratri season going on, the air fills with the aroma of mouth-watering dishes. We all crave for some special dishes prepared these days. Here are few easy to cook and amazingly delicious recipes.

The fun and frolic times are here with that divine touch of pious ceremonies going on in the nation!

Yes, with the commencement of Navratri, the entire country starts gearing up for 3 months of absolute festivities which go on till New Year Celebrations!

And especially during the Navratri fasting, we start hunting for some innovative, unusual recipes to cook for selves and to serve to our guests for oodles of appreciations.

Here are few such recipes that will bring all the accolades to you along with finger-linking food.

Drool Over Potato Sago Cutlets

What you need:

Well these can be prepared in about half an hour to be served to 4. All you need is a cup of sago granules (sabudana). About half a kilo potatoes!  If at all you like greens in your cutlates, then about 2 tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves. Rock salt to your taste, and a little groundnut oil for shallow fry! You can also use olive oil if you like.

Cooking time:

Soak the sago granules in water for about 30minutes. Drain all the water and keep aside for getting little softer. Meanwhile, work on the potatoes. Boil them, peel them and mash them to a fine paste. Now add that soaked and softer sago to the mashed potatoes, add the spices that you wish to use, and mix well. Now the cutlet mixture is ready. Make small balls by rolling in between both your palms. Add a little oil onto your palms before rolling. Greasy palms will help to bring the desired shape. I like to make cutlets heart shaped. Well, almost all the time. Now that the cutlet shapes are ready, shallow fry them on a heated pan or tawa. Keep them on the flame till both side are pleasantly golden brown. Keep tossing the sides till they are cooked nicely. Serve the cutlets with lemon wedges, a little coriander chutney, adrak wali chai and lots of love. 

Arbi Ke Pakode

What You Need:

Keep ready a cup of kuttu ka aata (buckwheat up flour). About 5 large arbi (colocassia) cut into slices or round discs. 2 tablespoon coriander leaves, some rock-salt to taste and about half tablespoon black pepper powder.

Cooking Time:

Chopped arbi slices will need to be drained of all water. The best way to do this is to rub the rock-salt on all of them and keep aside for about half an hour. You may choose to half-boil the arbi slices to make them a little softer. Now, bring out the kuttu atta in a mixing bowl. Add salt, pepper, coriander and any other spice to your taste. Add water to make a smooth consistent batter. Make sure the batter is not too runny. Once the batter is ready, cover the bowl with a lid and keep aside for 10-15 minutes. Now let’s bring our attention to salt marinated arbi slices. Remove all the excess water that has been released by the slices and pat dry with a clean soft cloth. Take a frying pan or a deep kadhai and pour generous amount of oil for comfortable frying. Heat it over moderate flame. Dip the dried arbi slices in the ready batter and carefully leave in the heated oil one by one. Keep frying till they attain a nice reddish grey color. Bring out and serve hot. Remember; do not let them go cold as they tend to lose the crispness when they aren’t served hot. Bring on a glass of lemonade to be relished with your Arbi Ke Pakode!

Peanut Sundal

What You Need:

Half a cup shelled peanuts; sans outer red peel (You can use a non-salted packet available in the market). Half a tablespoon mustard seeds, some curry leaves (4-5), 2 whole red chilies, salt to taste, some oil for tempering and grated coconut for garnishing.

Cooking Time:

Parboil the peanuts in a vessel by adding salt and water. Bring out a tadka pan. Heat over slow flame and add oil to it. Add mustard seeds and whole red chilies. Wait for few seconds till the mustard seed start to splutter. Put the boiled peanuts in the pan and mix with a spatula. Bring dowm from the flame and garnish with grated coconut. A cup of masala chai would go best with this Navratri snack. Go get it.

Navratri fasting is the time to stay nourished and stay energetic for all those Dandiya nights.

So, here is a little treat from us to you for that glittering Navratri.

Do bring us your favorite ones.

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