6 Food Hacks For Bachelors! Eat Healthy Without Cooking For Days!


If you are a bachelor reading this:

  • Have you ever come home from work and polished off a bag of potato chips in the absence of a healthy dinner?
  • Do you dread cooking and you do not have many alternatives when you are starving for food?
  • Are you worried about your health just because you are eating too much outside junk?

Well, we can understand that living a bachelor’s life can be a daunting task!

Here, we present 6 healthy food hacks for bachelors, so that you are eating well, without spending too much time and efforts on the kitchen table.

1. Stuff Your Fridge With Raw Foods
On a usual grocery shopping day, make a list of all raw foods you like to eat, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and stuff your fridge for a week to go. All these can be combined together to make salads, main dishes and desserts. For example, green leafy vegetables can substitute for tortillas or wraps and be filled with chopped vegetables that are flavoured with oils, vinegar, herbs and spices. Some people also eat raw, unpasteurized dairy products and raw fish or meat as well. A little seasoning with spices can give a flavourful and healthy treat in a jiffy, whenever you need. Oils that you can use for immediate salad dressings are raw virgin coconut oil and cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. Honey for salad dressings is also an awesome option.

2. Trust All The Soaked and Sprouted Foods
Grains, seeds and beans are often soaked and sprouted to make them edible without cooking them. Sprouted grains, seeds and beans may be easier to digest, and the minerals they contain may be more readily available because sprouting limits the amount of a substance called phytates in these foods which can bind minerals and make them unavailable. Nuts and dried fruits are often soaked as well. Soaked and pureed cashews can be used to make creamy sauces, for example, or blended with water and strained for vegan cashew milk. Use your off weekday to make some of these and stuff them in your refrigerator.

3. Invest in Dehydrated or Dried Foods
There are a variety of dehydrated or dried fruits and vegetables available in the grocery stores, varying form chewy to crunchy. These come in handy when you wish to have a light snack. Once you get the taste of them, we doubt you would want to pick that unhealthy bag of chips ever again.

4. Juiced and Blended Foods
Fruits and vegetables can be juiced to make delicious beverages. You can also make smoothies or cold soups, in the blender. Use a blender or food processor to mix nuts and dried fruits, which you can then roll into balls for an energy and health filled snack. If you like milk based beverages, then banana shake, chikoo shake and mango shake are some of the easiest to make cold beverages, which are healthy as well as filling.

5. Yogurt Based Quick Bites and Deserts
If you love yogurt, keep small cups of ready-made yogurts stocked in your fridge. You can add about anything to make it a full meal which is satisfying too. Chopped fruits, dry fruits for afternoons and dinners, and you can add a dash of your favourite cereal to it for a healthy and quick breakfast.

6. Brown Bread And Spreads for Quick Sandwiches
This one item is a must in your refrigerator – a loaf of brown sandwich bread! With accompaniments such as a sandwich spread, butter, fruit jam and tomato ketchup, you can make a variety of sandwiches in few minutes. Adding chopped fruits or raw salads is always a good idea for having that healthy and complete meal for the day.

So here you go ladies and gents, if you are living a spinster’s life, you have plenty to eat without cooking and worrying about your health.

Happy eating ya’all!

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