Beware! These Delicious Foods Are Killing You Ever Day !


Let me first clarify the difference between real food and processed food.

Real foods are in their original form. Like ripe mangoes directly plucked from tree and eat.

Similarly all types of vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, leaves, roots, nuts, seed everything are real food. Even after cooking and preparing packaged foods like pickle are also real foods. Mechanically prepared foods are all real.

Then what are called as processed food. All chemically prepared foods are termed as Processed Food. Foods processed with chemicals and adding artificial color, textures etc are all processed.

Some Example of processed foods is Pizza, Burger, Roll, Cake, Pasta, Cookies etc.

Harmful Chemicals use in Processed Food:

Processed foods are flooded with harmful chemicals. All are highly carcinogenic and increase the cancer causing chance in our body.

However recently” Maggie” found with high dose harmful chemicals in its noodles. The Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) found in Maggie is a dangerous chemical which damaged our kidney. You might discipline yourself and never take alcoholic drink but a regular intake of Maggie, it may delicious food, can damage your kidney as like alcohol. What you are going to do then?

Saccharin used in processed food in the place of sugar is highly carcinogenic. Preservatives like BHA-Butylated Hydroxyanisole and BHT- Butylated Hydrozyttoluene will damaged the human nervous system. Little excess the amount of TBHQ- Tertiary Butylhydroguinone will cause the death of the human.

All the processed food manufacturing companies claim that their foods are safe but do these free from chemicals? The answer is no, more or less every processed food has contained deadly chemicals. Why we eating processed food with so much of interest? At what cost?

Reason of eating processed food:

All processed foods are very delicious foods in taste. These foods trigger our saliva to come out from its smell. This is not because we need the food but for the persuasive techniques use by the food companies. They are using the techniques called “Hyper-rewarding” in this technique it influences our brain to over eat.

Another technique is widely used in the food industry is the “Sensory- Specific-Satiety”. This is very dangerous formula it can make you addicted to certain processed food. That’s the reason why so many kids and children are addicted to the potato chips and other processed foods.

Nutritional Values:

What you think how much nutritious is the processed food. These contain only refined carbohydrates and fats. No protein, no vitamins, no minerals, they fool people with synthetic vitamin and minerals but you cannot make fool your body with these synthetic vitamins & minerals.

Our science is not developed so much that we can replace the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidant. Nothing better than the nature provide us to live. Go for real natural food that’s the only way of getting all real usable carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Stomach is the mother of all diseases. Irregular bowl movement will cause constipation, piles and many more diseases. For best bowl movement fiber is the excellent food supplement found in natural real foods. No processed foods have fiber in their products. This leads you to indigestion and many more other diseases.

Foods are good in its natural form, natural color and natural texture why processed it to make artificial.

If you are a person who live by eating all these processed foods. You need to choose one thing between life and death.

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