Affordable Indulgence

We all need some occasional indulgence, but we needn’t spend a fortune for that’¦


Indulgence comes with a price, quite literally. Think about this. What all do you associate with indulgence? When you are really tired and worked up, all you wish for is a relaxing therapy or massage at an upmarket spa. If you are feeling a bit let down or sad, many of you go out and shop for some expensive things on your wishlist, or treat yourself to your favourite dessert at a posh restaurant in town. We seek indulgence to feel better because it gives a sense of happiness and achievement when you are able to spend on yourself.

There are times when you really want to blow a lot of money on yourself, but there are those as well when you feel like indulging and your pocket doesn’t support. And if it’s food that you are looking for, we have a solution. Nachos with a dollop of cream, strawberries and chocolate. Sounds yummy! Why don’t you also call some friends over, clink a few wine glasses and enjoy the pleasures of affordable indulgence over this weekend. On second thoughts, if you were already planning to throw a house party, our recipe can prove to be crowd winning.

It’s best if you make the whipped cream at home because it will taste fresher and better than the store bought one. Keep a metal whisk and mixing bowl into the freezer for ten minutes. Pour one cup of heavy whipping cream and two teaspoonful of sugar into the bowl and whisk until the scream develops a stiff peak.

Get your hands on a packet of plain nachos, without any flavour. Spread them on a platter and top each with a spoonful of whipped cream. Chop a bunch of strawberries into small chunks and place a few on each, over the cream. Break a bar of chocolate into a microwavable bowl and spin in the oven for the few minutes until the chocolate completely melts. Drizzle over the nachos and savour. Bon appetit!    


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