There Is A Best Day To Start A Diet! Want To Know Which One?

Start dieting today

If you are one of those who keep fluctuating between on diet and off diet, then the following article is just for you.

People often struggle with the decision, as to when to start the diet plan. Which is the best day to start with a new plan that will help them to cut down on flab or reduce those extra kilos.

Varied routines, different food practices and diverse body requirements come into the picture while choosing a particular day to start a diet plan. Even the best diet plan can fail if not followed the way it should be. Given the  hard wired routines that we have the chances of diet plans working in our favour, are quite bleak.

So, when to start a diet so that it works?

People are often seen hitting  the gym on a Monday and a bit fired up to start the week on the front foot with some healthy eating and quality exercise, which pretty much seems like a NORMAL decision to start things off on a Monday (again). Its the beginning of the week. The best place to start, don’t you think?

Well maybe not!

Let me explain why Monday is probably not the best day to start a new diet.

Starting on a Monday is easy, especially if you have had your fill over the weekend you are ready to have a little break. Your body and mind needs it. The trouble is, everyone lives for the weekend. By Friday we are already tired of our diet plan and roaring to go back to some normal eating, and weekends give us good excuse to do so.



How many times have you started a diet on a Monday only for it to gone wrong by the weekend?

Well, we are all the same on that front, aren’t we?

Some say that a Friday is a good day to start he diet for you can plan your weekend sensibly and eat healthy even on your binging days. This strategy just changes the way you come at the issue of having no willpower when it comes to weekends. This would help set you up for the following week and ensure you had some good results after sticking to a diet for 7 days in a row.

Well, to an extent this sounds sensible, but will it work for all times? What happens when you have passed two weekends on a diet plan? You would be going mad by the time third weekend comes and you are craving for those binge moments when all your friends are doing the same.

But,  being humans, we don’t tend to try a different approach when the one we are using doesn’t work, we just try it again and again. We are supposed to be intelligent but I often doubt it. That’s often called the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

Start dieting

Start dieting

Well, to all the above, the only answer is, The Best Day To Start A Diet Plan is TODAY!

Do not wait for a particular week day, just start it right from the time the thought crossed your mind and you found your determination. That is the day and the time, you MUST START!

Go on till you have enough willpower to keep hanging in there. Once the water crosses the edge, derail yourself for a meal or two,  rinse and then come back to the track again. Do not be scared of the weekends falling in between to hamper your plan. When the results start to come, people often perk up a bit and find some motivation to get through the weekends a bit easier.

Start dieting today

Start dieting today

There is no special moment or day to start something that can bring positive changes in your lifestyle. Just start and keep going on. Do not be afraid of failures. There is always a start after every pause.

Happy dieting to you!

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