How To Prevent Yourself From Chikungunya?

Prevent Yourself From Chikungunya

Prevent yourself from chikungunya – The number of cases of Chikungunya are rising every day in the capital of our country and it’s time that we all start taking proper precautions to save ourselves from it.

You never know how you may catch Chikungunya and the consequences are literally unbearable.

As the symptoms of Chikungunya are the same as Dengue, sometimes it gets misdiagnosed at places where both these diseases are common, just like in Delhi.

So, if you have caught it, please go for proper treatment but if you still haven’t, it’s time for you to prevent yourself from Chikungunya.

Prevent yourself from chikungunya –

1. Always keep your body covered with a mosquito repellent lotion that contains DEET and Picardin. One of the famous brands for that is Odomos that is used by a lot of people in India

2. If there is AC in your house, make sure to keep it on at night so that mosquitoes don’t enter your room.

3. Place insect repellents in every corner of your home to keep the mosquitoes away. You can either choose coils or the electric machines, just make sure they are effective on insects.

4. Don’t leave open water inside or house or in the area that you live in because aedes mosquitoes breed in open water and that too in dark. Cover all the water that you collect inside home and put necessary medicines in the cooler or tanker that you use.

5. If there are any gaps or holes in the water tank that you use to collect water, make sure to cover them because mosquitoes can even enter through the smallest of spaces.

6. If possible, wear clothes that can cover your whole body.

7. Either put mosquito screens on your doors and windows or simply keep them closed after evening.

So this is how you can prevent yourself from chikungunya. Nobody wants to catch a disease like Chikungunya and as they say, prevention is better than the cure. So, protect yourself from Chikungunya by following these simple steps and stay healthy.

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