These Are Best And Effective Pilates Exercises For Beginners

Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises – Pilates have a magical quality to tone your chores. When the centre of your body keeps getting stronger, your confidence level heightens too. If you have been following the Instagram handles of Yasmin Karachiwals, Esha Gupta, Sophie Chowdhary, Katrina Kaif, then we assume, you are probably of the belief that pilates requires a pricey studio and some high-end equipment.

But in reality, all you require is just a mat. Pilates is mostly stretching so all your muscles are targeted and toned to mould you into the perfect bikini body. Most celebs who belong to the glamour world swear by pilates for its standout effects on the body.

If you are a pilates virgin and meaning to give it a try, here under are some exercises you need to get a load of:

Pilates Exercises – 

1 – Pilates 100:

Gather both of your legs into your chest, hold on to your legs, and lift up your head and tighten your core muscles. Place your legs in a tabletop position and keep both the hips and shins parallel to the floor. You are ready to go now. Now hover your arms exactly above the abdominal walls 6-8 inches up and down. Breathe take deep breaths and repeat this for 10 counts.

2 – Scissors:

Lie on your back and reach both legs alternatively towards the ceiling. Inhale with right leg and exhale with left leg while switching them.

Pilates exercises

3 – Bird dog crunch:

Kneel on the mat with the support of your hands and knees, send out one arm and stretch your abdominal muscles, extend the opposite leg at the back. Bring the elbow and knee towards your centre while breathing, draw in your abs in the meanwhile, exhale and press back out long.

Pilates exercises

4 – Side plank scoop:

Strike a full side plant position with right hand below shoulder while your left arm reaches high above left shoulder with legs stretched out. Tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly scoop the left arm below the body, make your eyes follow the move. Repeat for the other side.

Pilates exercises

5 – Double leg stretch:

lie back on with the knees bent and hands placed next to the calves. Keep the back stuck to the mat while head, neck and shoulders flexed up. Spread your arms straight behind your head while exhaling and keep up your legs straight to the diagonal. circle the arms back in the start position while stretching the legs in a table top position thus forming an ab crunch. Your neck should remain relaxed and lifted up throughout the exercise.

Pilates exercises

These are a few pilates moves you can practise at the comfort of your home.

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