These 7 Facial Exercises Will Make You Look Younger

Facial exercises

Due to the stress and the environment, our skins are getting mature before age these days.

I am sure nobody wants their skin to age so easily but it’s not in our hands. Although, there are a lot of cosmetic treatments, medical treatments and home remedies to make your skin look younger and better. But why pay for something that can be done for free?

Yes, you can revitalize your skin and make it feel younger if you follow a few exercises on a daily basis.

If you are not aware of the same, then here are 7 facial exercises that will make you look younger.

Facial exercises –

  1. Fake a surprise

It’s easy and it’s effective too, all you have to do is act like you are surprised through expressions. Scrunch your forehead so that lines are formed and then stretch your lips like a pout. Do this 3-4 times everyday.

  1. Frowning

All you have to do is scrunch your eyebrows and pretend like you are frowning. Hold the expression for 15 seconds and then relax. Repeat it 5 times every day.

  1. Blink and miss

By the name itself, I hope you know what you have to do. Just blink both your eyes and open them instantly. Repeat it 10 times while sitting in a relaxed position to see better effects.

  1. Chewing Gum

No, you don’t have to chew an actual gum because it’s not good for health, rather you have to act like you are chewing a gum. It will help you cheek muscles a lot, so, pretend like chewing a gum for at least 5 minutes a day.

  1. Blow a balloon

Again, you don’t have to blow an actual balloon or if you want you can. The exercise requires you to blow your cheeks just the way you fill a balloon while holding your lips together like you are whistling. Do this thrice a day for great results.

  1. Fish pout

In this exercise, you have to pout like you have the mouth of a gold fish. Hold that pout for 3 seconds and then relax your muscles. Repeating this 4 times every day will help you reach to desired results.

  1. Kiss in the air

This exercise is great to make your facial muscles flexible and is an easy one too. Just pretend like you are giving someone a kiss in the air, hold that expression for 3 seconds and then relax. Do this 5 times a day.

Doing all these facial exercises together everyday won’t take more than 15 minutes and can be done anywhere anytime. So, what are you waiting for?

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