From Foot Release To Shoulder Release, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Must Use A Spiky Massage Ball!

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball – Spiky massage ball is a toy that allows you to ease your pain, and it is considered to be a good toy that especially eases shoulder and sore feet. Spiky massage ball might look very simple, small ball, but many exercises can be done to prevent problems. It increases the blood flow, and is a good toy that you can use to treat your injuries.

Even if you spend 5-10 minutes exercising with spiky massage ball, then it’s enough. You can try these spiky massage ball exercises to relieve your muscle tension.

Thus, here are 5 reasons that’ll convince you to use a spiky massage ball – Keep reading.

  1. Foot

You should roll your foot over spiky massage ball to prevent your foot injuries. Doing so will reduce the muscle soreness and this foot massage will also reduce the joint pain problem. All you need to do is, place the ball under your foot and put all the body weight through foot to roll the ball from heel to toe.

Invest at-least 10 minutes per day into doing this exercise, and prevent your ankle or any other injury immediately.

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball

  1. Upper back

Do you experience shoulder pain? If yes, then spiky massage ball technique will certainly help you a lot. All you have to do is, stand with a spiky ball between your upper back muscles and a wall.

Roll up and down, and apply maximum pressure on the areas that hurt. Continue with it for at-least 15 minutes.

  1. Lower back

There are many people who face the problem of lower back, and spiky massage ball helps to prevent it. You need to stand with a spiky ball between your lower back and a wall. Slide your body up and down and put maximum pressure on the area that hurts the most.

You can also lie on the ground to do this exercise.

This will ease your lower back pain. (The ball is not spiky, but it’ll give you an idea about how to keep a ball)

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball

  1. Glutes

Lie down on your back, bend your knees. Place the spiky massage ball under your buttocks, and simply roll over the ball until you find the point where it hurts. Once you get it, put more pressure onto that side and continue with the exercise.

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball

  1. Chest

All you need to is lie down on the floor with spiky ball under your chest. Keep rolling up and down and locate the trigger point. You can do this exercise on the wall or on the ground, the choice is yours.

Exercises With Spiky Massage Ball

This was all about the exercises with spiky massage ball. 

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