Crunches Are Quintessential For Leaner Abs, Myth or Truth?

Crunches for flat abs

Crunches for flat abs – There is a fact people thrive on that is crunches can give them leaner abs, or so to say six packs.

Hostage to this belief, they kill themselves by doing crunches rigorously with little-to-no visible results soon. But the real truth is, no amount of crunches can help you achieve your target. If you want to target your belly fat, you are ought to try other kinds of cardio vascular exercises that not only release toxins from your body but also help sculpt it.

We are not saying that strength training is not helpful, of course it is but the results of intense cardio can throw all forms of other exercises out of gear. It capacitates your body to endure the other exercises for longer period besides toning it into perfect shape.

Crunches for flat abs – Instead of the benefits of crunches why it is not enough to get flatter abs?

If you are doing crunches only, then you need to know that abdominal exercises will certainly strengthen your core muscles but will have a little bearing on the overall body. Your desired abs will only be visible by reducing your body fat to lower ranges where crunches have no effect.

So, apparently, crunches are they key to flat abs in a myth which has to be busted. Crunches are the iconic ab exercise but the truth is everybody has ab muscles that hide bulk of fat that covers the stomach. Crunches, for the matter help tone your ab muscles but do little effect on reducing fat. So there is no use of doing 50 hundred crunches which will not induce visible results and plague your confidence in the long run.

What are the other exercises one can do to get results faster?

If you want perfectly leaner abs, try doing jumping jacks, Russian twists, reverse crunches, Squats, Lunges, Bicycle crunches, bunny hops, butt kicking, burpees, slow burpees, squat jumps alternatively alongside the regular crunches for more quickened results. On the top of everything, running or walking warms up your body and releases toxins all right so these are highly recommended too.

So, here is the complete guide for getting the hot bod soon. Start already!

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