6 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Essential And Should Be Consumed Every Morning

So what’s all the fuss surrounding green tea? Today’s youngsters especially girls are on a trend to drink green tea so as to remove the excessive fats from the body and maintain a perfect slim physique.

So what’s all the fuss surrounding green tea?

Today’s youngsters especially girls are on a trend to drink green tea so as to remove the excessive fats from the body and maintain a perfect slim physique. Trainers at the gym, too, have been advising their clients to include green tea in their daily diet. Even though it’s a different taste altogether to your normal cup of tea, green tea provides the perfect health starter you need.

Your green tea bag contains an effective plant nutrient known as ‘epigallocatechin gallate’, or simply ‘EGCG’.

For that matter, youngsters and old alike will be encouraged by the fact their favourite Bollywood actor is also an avid green tea drinker. The ‘Kick’ star has quit alcohol and smoking but used to sip on black coffee as an early morning beverage. But soon, someone on the movie sets told him that green tea is good for singing (Salman has sung songs for his latest flick) and voila, the actor liked the taste of green tea as well. “If somebody wants green tea, please take it,” he was quoted in The Times Of India.

So there you have it, green tea is even famous amongst the Bollywood celebs. What makes Green Tea so effective and important that one must drink it every day? Is it so healthy? We have loads of various health products available in the market that can complement the green tea.

Thus, we bring you 6 valid reasons why green tea is the most efficient beverage one should consume every morning. Here they are:

Takes care of your teeth
If consuming coffee and tea have left stains on your glowing teeth, well not to worry at all as green tea can be of greater usage that the above mentioned beverages. Green tea contains fluoride, which is instrumental in cleansing of your teeth as well as removing the anti-bacterial activity that harms the gums. Green tea acts as fulcrum that strengthens your teeth and also reduces bad breath.

Helps in weight loss
One reason that many women and men turn to green tea is – removal of fats. By consuming green tea every day, the saturated fat and cholesterol that is maintained in the body due to the junk food, gets flushed out. The polyphenol content in green tea intensifies levels of fat oxidation and also the rate at which the body transforms food into calories. Thus many people save their time and money by avoiding the expensive gyms and fitness clubs and sipping on a hot cup of green tea. So if one is on a look out for a toned body, look no further as green tea can help achieve it.

Green tea can help fight allergies
Researchers in Japan have found out a compound in green tea that helps block a key cell receptor that is involved in producing allergic reaction. Known as ‘methylated epigallocatechin gallate’ it works by blocking two compounds within the body that initiate and prolong allergic reactions.

Skin complexion enhancement
Throw away those white moisturizing creams and lotions out of the window as green tea can be the greatest asset to your soft and simple skin. With the consumption of green tea, it extracts first thwart away many harmful skin diseases, including skin cancer. Plus, it also protects the skin from the UV exposure of the sun and detoxifies the body causing the skin to glow as bright and clears the complexion as well. Green tea also contains catechins that are useful in the removal of acnes and pimples.

Prevention from food poisoning
While eating some oily foodstuffs, at times, our body is not able to digest the amount of food and thus causes food poisoning. Food poisoning is often caused during the summer and monsoon season when there is a high percentage of bacterial contaminated food available. But with the consumption of green tea, it kills of the bacteria and also reduces the risk of bacterial food poisoning. That’s because the catechins help deter the germs inside the body.

Controls Diabetes
For a diabetic person, sugar and glucose is a ‘no-no’ right from the start. But what happens if he/she start consuming green tea? With the intake of green tea, the polyphenols present in it, help lower blood sugar levels. They control glucose levels thus slowing dwon the rise of blood sugar after eating.

All in all, green tea can be termed as the ‘new drink on the block’ for many youngsters. Coffee shops especially have green tea’s on their menu as many customers do ask for it. It was a rarity few years ago when green tea was an unknown quantity but nowadays, it’s become ‘cool’ drink to hang out with! So move away cold coffees and iced lattes, here’s green tea, the healthiest drink in town!

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