Temples In India That Have Witnessed Paranormal Activities

paranormal activities

Paranormal activities – The practice of exorcism still exists in several countries and it is believed to take place in several temples and shrines in India as well.

India is one among the countries that has witnessed a high range of practice of exorcism and there have been several documentaries on the same as well.

If you thought paranormal activities took place in olden days, wait until you read the article below because here is a  list of temples where paranormal activities take place even TODAY!

Paranormal activities –

  1. Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar Dargah, Gujarat

People have witnessed screams of people and loud noises from this shrine. People often come to seek tantric help for the possessed person. The victim can book a room at Rs. 800 in this temple and then the treatment begins. You can see the victims rolling on the floor to get cured and the violent victim is been chained to the wall.

Paranormal Activities

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