This Video Will Make You Ring Your Mom Right Away!


There is no love like a mother’s love, there is no bond more stronger than what we share with our mom…

Mom are the angels god sent us, they give us life, teaches us how to live our life but do we really value that? Do we let our mom know how special she is to our life? Well I am not talking about the only time you express love to her on Mother’s day, I am talking about the time when we are so busy in our lives that we even forget to call her.

Tell her, she is special, tell her how much she means to you before its LATE!!

This video will not only make you cry, but it will make you realize how much we take our mother’s love for granted.

This video reminded me of the time how I get upset when my mom comes up with thousands questions each time I call her and I just disconnect it saying, Mom please I am busy. It made me feel guilty, it made me think am I so busy that I don’t have time to call her daily just to tell her I am fine? It’s all about priorities I guess, if I can eat when I am busy, I definitely have time to call her even.

I am sorry Mom, I really am..Now I know what to do after writing this article.

What about you? When are you going to let your mom know how special she is? And I know ‘Mom sab Janti hai’ but trust me your one call, your one hug can give her that priceless smile that will be with you for the rest of your life.

I just want to say one thing after watching this video Maa Tuje Salaam!

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