Love in the time of WhatsApp


She is not the possessive kind, you see. But when someone blatantly cheats on her, like, he says he is sleeping, but…erm…is not, she cries bloody murder. Nahi samjhe? Ah, well. Let me explain…it’s called as love in the time of WhatsApp.

There used to be a pre-WhatsApp phase that didn’t have the (in)famous ‘Last Seen’ feature, which pretty much breaks up marriages and relationships these days. Imagine that your clingy girlfriend wants to speak to you at night, but you’re too tired to indulge her, so you say ‘I am sleeping, babe…will talk to you in the morning’. The time is 11.40 pm. But you’re not really sleeping, are you! You’re playing games on your treasured X-Box and that’s when your first cousin’s second wife’s third son WhatsApps you…you reply to him, obviously.

The time is 1.45 am. You were ‘Last Seen’ on 1.45 am, so your obsessed girlfriend flips out and bam! You’re single. It’s almost impossible to lie to our better halves these days, thanks to technology. If you had told your girlfriend you are downing a couple of beers with the guys, but happen to run into your ex-girlfriend and make the mistake of ‘Checking-In’ at the pub by tagging her, you are in for trouble. All kinds of shit will hit the roof. If you go a step further and Instagram your pictures, you’re an utter fool who will soon be hooking up with random girls since your steady girlfriend will most obviously dump you.

From Twitter to FB to GPlus to WhatsApp to BBM…phew…it’s impossible to stay disconnected and in peace. The Smartphone technology that brought couples together is what is driving them apart now. Don’t you miss those days when you would shoot off a text to a special somebody and eagerly wait for their reply? Or those glorious grand old landlines that lovers would cradle to their ears so that they could connect with his/her loved one? Now you can see if the other person has read the ping, if he is replying to you and you also get to know if they’re ignoring you. I mean, you just can’t pull off a ‘Arre, I didn’t get your text’ act on anybody anymore.

With over hundred apps being made on an average, this technology-overdose is here to stay. But how much is too much? What would you rather choose? This applies to celebrities as well. There used to be a certain aura around Bollywood stars before Twitter happened to them. My mother and her giggly gang of girls used to wait for their Filmfares and Stardusts to get all the latest goss. Now you have the Priyanka Chopras and Madhuri Dixits of the industry bombarding you with pictures, itinerary and film promotions. In a bid to connect with their fans, celebs are forcing themselves on us. And if Twitter wasn’t enough, there’s We Chat that lets you personally chat with celebs. Uff!

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