How To Handle Long Distance Relationship Break-Up

LDR or long distance relationship is one of the most difficult things a couple can go through. While holding onto the relationship is tough, breaking-up when in an LDR is tougher still. Here’s how you can handle an LDR break-up.

LDR or long distance relationship is one of the most difficult things a couple can go through. While holding onto the relationship is tough, breaking-up when in an LDR is tougher still. It might be a boon for those who want to avoid the mess of meeting up with their partner and breaking-up, but it could be a bane for those who seek closure. While no break-up is easy to deal with, here’s what you can do when your long distance partner (or you) decide(s) to part ways. Read on:

Grieving period:
It’s important to give yourself the much needed grieving period or the ‘transition’ phase from being committed to single. Despite the two of you not being in the same city or country, you have had many moments worth cherishing with him/her. So give yourself time to get over all that by not being obsessed by playing the field. What most people do when their long distance relationship breaks up is that they rebound with a person who is closer home. It might sound exciting initially, but it will push you into depression as you haven’t fully come out of your previous relationship.

Keep yourself occupied:
The one thing that you in hand right now is time. Gone are your ‘phone now-text now-talk now’ phase as you don’t have to fall into a routine to talk to your ex. But you’ll be haunted by the void left behind by the absence of his/her calls, mails, texts and Skype dates. So it’s advisable to keep yourself immersed in work or to take up new courses. You can also cultivate your passion like cooking, dancing, painting, writing and so on. You have to stop fussing over all the time you have got as that can depress you to no end.

Stay off the net:
As harsh as this may sound, get over your break-up by staying off the net. LDRs thrive on social networking, Skype calls and other internet platforms. When you stay off the internet, you’re protecting yourself from getting hurt. It will definitely shield the blow, if nothing else. But don’t disappear from the face of the earth and give your ex a reason to feel victorious. If need be, disconnect your accounts from Skype, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Let go of all the frustration and breath!
Think of all those times you got dressed up for Skype dates that never happened, the waiting period over his/her phone calls and the frustration over his/her unavailability. So, this phase of heart burn is still better than all those moments when he/she wasn’t there for you. Just let go of all that and breath. Because you no longer have to deal with all that! Your life is in your hands and you have a bright and happy future ahead.

Think of what you want:
There are people who like to meet their ex when going through a break-up. It offers them closure and helps them move on. While there are some who like to end it over an impersonal platform so that they don’t have to face the person and fall into an emotional void. You have to decide what you’re aiming for from your LDR break-up. Do you want to do it over mails and calls? Or want the person to come down (or you go over) in order to sort things out. Some say they need to look into the person’s eyes and hear it from their mouth to be able to digest it. Whichever category you fall under, think with your head more than your heart…the relationship is over, no point conducting a post mortem of it.

Break-ups of any kind suck. Whether it’s a marriage dissolving or a long-term relationship going kaput, you have to believe in yourself that the break-up was for the best. Whenever you’re feeling low, think of why you or he/she initiated it in the first place. If it’s not working out, it’s not gonna work out…as simple as that. So, take a deep breath and move on.



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